Magandang Buhok at Balat, at Paglinaw ng Mata. Ito ay ilan lamang sa Magandang Benepisyo ng Peras. Basahin dito ang iba pang Benepisyo nito.

Pear is a fruit that is known to be sweet and is full of a high level of fiber and other nutritious compounds. It is a fruit that is delicious and yet very nutritious.

Here are some health benefits of pears that will want you to eat them every day!

1. Pear is low in calories.

This fruit can be perfect in your diet. You can eat it as a snack or even add to your morning shake. It is very delicious and yet very healthy. A snack that can`t hurt your strict diet.

2. Pear can boost your immune system.

Pear contains vitamin C which is essential in improving our immune system which helps our body to be protected by producing white blood cells to fight sickness. Pears is widely used to treat common colds, flu, and other sicknesses.

3. Pear contains plenty of anti-oxidants.

The pear is an amazing source of anti-oxidants that can be used to flush toxins and harmful free radicals that can hinder our metabolism which causes damage to our health and our cells. These anti-oxidants found in pears can reduce the risk of developing other diseases and various health issues.

4. Pears can give you a healthy of the skin, eyes, and hair.

The pear is an anti-aging fruit that gives your skin a big boost whether you eat it or apply it. Pears are packed with fiber which is vital for your skin. Fiber slowly releases sugar into your blood because sugar spikes damage collagen, a protein that gives you a smooth and glowing skin. Pears also helps to nourish our eyes because they are effective in protecting our eyes from cataract and other age-related eye problems.

5. Pears has a high potassium content.

Pears have excellent potassium content. Potassium reduces the risk of stroke, lowers our blood pressure, protects our muscles against loss of mass, it also preserves bone mineral density and it reduces the formation of kidney stones. Lack of potassium content can lead to low energy, fatigue, weakness, and constipation.