Ano nga ba ang Personality mo Base sa Hugis ng Iyong Labi? Alamin na Dito.

Did you know that your lips can actually give different kinds of apprehension into your personality and health?

According to some psychologists, there is a connection between the shape of your lips with your natural character. It can be classified into certain types depending on their fullness, width, and overall shape.

Here are some of the interesting insights that your lips may tell concerning about your personality:

Thick Lips

As an attractive characteristic, thick lips provides a strong sense of self-confidence which provides them with a notion that aids them to get what they want yet sometimes show a slight emotional immaturity.

Thin Lips

Women with thinner lips may have a bit of shyness or restraint. Nevertheless, women with thin lips are usually educated and reasonable that's why they are more inclined to success.

Small Mouth

Having a small mouth are typically sweet and charitable. They are easily pleased in the most meaningful amounts yet very loyal and modest. The only unfavorable thing about them is that most of them are easily bullied and only has few friends. If your mouth is not that wide enough and not proportional with the rest of your face, you have a small mouth.

Large Mouth

If your mouth is wider than your nose and takes up almost half of the length of your chins, you have a large mouth. They are more authoritative and has a strong disposition. They are usually talented perfectionists who make friends easily. They are also way more talkative than the usual.

Heart-Shaped Lips

If you have thick lips with a more pronounced cupid’s bow, your lips are very likely to be heart-shaped. Women with these features are more daring and autonomous. They always love to put up a fight in everything they believe in. They are passionate about the finest things in life and always tend to express their feelings freely.

Downturned Lips

These women tend to be more reserved, isolated and intellectual.

They are wise yet has a skeptical personality that scares most of the weak and feeble people. If your lips appear to be somewhat drooping downwards and feel a little bit of chunky, you have downturned lips.

Circular Lips

Circular or Round lips are thick lips packed in a small mouth. They are usually open-minded and inquisitive. They always adhere in exploration and adventures which can lead to a bit of a rebellious persona.

Ellipsoidal Lips

Women with ellipsoidal or oval lips have barely any peaks or notches on their top lip yet their bottom lip is rounded and broad. Women with this kind of lips are more youthful and cheerful. People are generally drawn towards your high-spirited character.

Lips can show any detail about your persona with the way that other people can see you. These are all generalized way of thinking yet you should not get bothered by this. You can always change or emphasize any particular feature of lips or even the most noticeable aspect of your personality depending on how you want to present yourself to the world.