Important Signs and Symptoms of a Silent Stroke

No one else knows when and where a person will have a stroke. It surprisingly takes place in an extreme emotion and suffering and also the imbalance of body and the mind are not able to coordinate. An indefinite period, anyone can experience stroke most especially the silent one, without the feeling and warning signs of this ferocious health condition. 

As for the record, stroke has been a top listed medical disease that results from death in the US alone, and many people need to follow precautions and rules to stop it from occurring. In this case, we need to be aware and know every bit of information about this kind of health condition. 

There are some components which are the source of stroke to take place, let us consider the age, gender, traditions, family history, especially the medical status and improper healthy living. 
For everyone to prevent a stroke from occurring, we need to monitor our blood pressure and weight, restrain yourself from smoking and excessive alcohol intake, less salt consumption and do appropriate exercise. 

This silent medical condition attacker mostly made the victims unaware of the symptoms than the usual stroke does, so let us be mindful, well-informed and conscious of the things we are doing and eating. 


As for everyone's sake, the principal target of stroke is the brain. It takes place when oxygen is not sufficient for the specific part of the brain and suddenly stopped. It occurs when the cells located in the brain started to die and cannot obtain enough oxygen that it usually needs.

In accordance to this, it will result to a stroke whereas it obstructs the movement of certain parts of the brain such as memory and muscle controls. Here are some of the signs and symptoms of a stroke and can warn us from having it:
  • Facial Paralysis and later lets your muscles to numb and half of your face to sag down.
  • Senseless and weak arms are felt that leads to deficient motor skills. 
  • Unable to understand when they speak and experience delusion.
  • Vision is not clear.
  • Interconnection the body and mind are impaired. 
  • Extreme headaches or a migraine.
  • Dysphagia or unable to swallow naturally.
Furthermore, the disorder does not mean to impact always on parts of the brain. Thus it described the cause and concluded that it does not show typical signs and visible warnings before a stroke happens. However, consecutive strokes and when it occurs surprisingly can have an outcome of mental disability.


There are less than a million people annually undergoes stroke every 4 minutes and some people you may know experience it. Based on research, the status of this medical cases are not that significant due to silent stroke make us unaware and did not notice the indications and manifestations. 

It is also concluded that around 10% of people who underwent severe stroke especially for their first time without even knowing and later impressed as a silent stroke.


People from 65 years and older can experience a sudden stroke, especially silent stroke; however young people can also suffer such disorder. A lot of factors are given and it includes generation history, the way of living, gender and medical status. Also, the Carribean, South Asian and African locals are more prone to the risk of stroke than other nationalities. 

Gender is a significant element, and to tell you the truth, men are more susceptible than women and greatly suffer from death. Moreover, if you know someone related to you that has a stroke, it has a possibility that you can experience it too. 

The following health conditions can trigger stroke:

  • Overweight
  • Hypertension
  • High Cholesterol
  • Sugar impairment aka Diabetes
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Unhealthy lifestyle such as smoking and intake of alcohols
  • Improper social living and insufficient body exercise
  • Atrial fibrillation or inconsistent heartbeat


Based on the history of stroke cases, it happens all over the globe increase surprisingly, it is significant to immediately be conscious and identify it. 

We cannot see or visualize signs and symptoms of stroke for most people, and the single procedure to know it is by brain scan. Although silent stroke can't visualize the signs, it is also accompanied by minor symptoms.


A huge number of people underwent silent stroke before and told what they've been through having indications and manifestations. Based on their statements, drooping of their face and mental imbalance. 

A research stated when they experimented 650 contributors, it resulted in more than 170 people has dead brain tissues or cells are obstructed in the brain and has a silent stroke. Persons who had this case mostly have loss of memory and cognitive impairment, although no one had a Dementia or Alzheimer's disease history from the family.


It's good to know we can prevent stroke. Regardless if you some medical history, we can avoid the risk by simply doing some steps which are as follows:

1. Always monitor your blood pressure. If you have high blood or hypertensive, we have to be reminded to take our maintenance medicine daily or as prescribed.

2. Balance consumption of salty foods such as meat, seafoods, and dairy commodities. Regulating your salt intake for up to 1 tablespoon maximum a day.

3. Restrain yourself from smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages. 

Make ample time for muscle and body build up. Always be aware of your body weight.

4. If you are a desk-bound person and has long hours of time spent on the chair, always make sure you can move around, stand and walk along every break.

5. Another thing to do is a yoga session routinely.

Nonetheless, getting hard to identify silent stroke, we can still make ways to avoid and suffer. If you are 65 years old and above, you are more prone to this condition and need to see the doctor regularly. 

Regardless, if have stroke previously, then be more optimistic to recover and prohibit yourself from unwanted things that may affect your health again. Live your life to the fullest taking considerations to every decision we will make.