Early Sign That Females have Cancer in the Lungs

What is Cancer?

Cancer is one of the most serious diseases that not just affect one part of our body but can also affect other parts and system of our body. If it is treated right away and give full time attention, it could lessen the risk of having a more serious disease. 

On the other hand, if cancer is not treated immediately after it is discovered, it may spread to other parts of our body leading to more serious illness and even death.

All living things are made up of cells that are not seen in our naked eyes but seen only by using a microscope.

There are instances that these cells change its sizes and shape and increases in number leading these cells to become abnormal. This abnormal cancer cells could lead to a cyst or a tumor.

Some tumor heals over time, but some become more serious that leads to an increase in size and metastasis to other parts of our body that leads to cancer.

Most Female suffers from cervical cancer, cancer of the breast and cancer of the ovary. Other cancers that female may experience are cancer of the lungs, stomach, liver, mouth, and skin.

However, In Lung Cancer, cancer cells attack specifically our lungs. Though it is the top leading cancer that causes death among people both men and women. This cancer has an available treatment that usually lasts for 6 months. It can be acquired from frequent smoking, 5 out of 4 cases of lung cancer is due to smoking.

On the other hand, Signs and symptoms of lung cancer in female and male are different with each other. We should learn its signs and symptoms to treat it immediately and to avoid more serious illness.

Cancer of the Lungs in female

Cancer of the lungs in females are commonly known as adenocarcinoma, it develops in the outer layer of the lungs. And because it develops from inside of our body, its signs and symptoms are more difficult to discover and just rapidly develop into a tumor without knowing it. 

The first sign that you may experience is back pain, pain in the shoulder and difficulty in breathing during physical engagements.

Other signs and symptoms of lung cancer in female that you should know:
  1.  Increase in mucus in throat or in nose and change of its color.
  2. Coughing with blood.
  3.  Continuous cough
  4. Cough with blood and phlegm
  5. Husky Sound or Rough sound during respiration.
Adenocarcinoma is not easy to discover, sometimes it is too late before you discover that it gone worse, where it metastasizes to other parts of your body. It is hard to treat, especially when it spread to our bones, liver, lymph nodes, and adrenal glands. 

If it reaches the said parts of our body, it may cause symptoms like Muscle weakness, frequent headache, loss of balance, clotting of blood, bruising of the face, pain in bones and joints, brittleness of bones and more especially loss of memory.