Medicinal Benefits of Kamatingue (JEWEL WEEDS)

Jewelweeds/garden balsam also known as "kamantigue" is used by most Filipinos as a medicinal herb just like oregano, guava leaves and the like. It is a plant native from Southeast Asian countries and is very useful from its seeds to the leaves.

Leaves, seeds and young shoots are edible which means that whether cooked or not, it could be eaten. Since it is safe to say that it is edible and considered a medicinal herb, it has proven to work wonders in the body and is actually beneficial when consumed.

Here's a list of the medicinal benefits that you could get from kamantigue:


-for a bruise, dysmenorrhea, lumbago, snake bites, painful inflammation, carbuncles, joint pains (by boiling it and making a decoction)
-for broken and torn nails (using it as a bandage)
-for herpetic whitlow (by crushing it to make poultice)
-for warts (used directly in the affected area)


(Powderized and consumed)

- for hard labor( practiced in China)
- for cancer treatments (seeds utilized for cancer treatments)


(crushed and used as a bandage or poultice)

- for lumbago
- for snake bites
- intercostal neuralgia
- as hair dye
- for Henna
- for dyeing finger-nails

Even without using the parts of the plant separately, you could also use it as a whole. Utilizing it by boiling or crushing the whole plant to treat any sudden accidents or physical circumstances as mentioned above. Flowers and seeds are pounded and crushed most of the time and then consumed. Since it is edible, the whole plant can be eaten raw too. 

Not only does it benefit you from addressing some health issues but also some aesthetic problems. From dying hair (naturally) or simply enhancing your looks with some henna tattoo wherein the material used is a plant. With all these great benefits you could get from this plant, why not try planting it at home and see the results for yourself.