Important Reasons Why Laughter is the Best Medicine

Nowadays we tend to get drowned on stress than shake it off and smile for a while. We forget to be happy and simply dreamt of it without taking any actions. It is never hard to laugh and as a matter of fact, even fake laughs can do good. 

There is actually a type of yoga called the laughter yoga and it has proven great results that people who have undergone this type of therapy had become more effective, happy and felt a sense of well being.

It is true that people who laugh more often have shown a more upbeat, carefree mood and have better health overall.

According to the findings of the study where 70 psychology students in Ursula Beermann of the University of California, Berkeley, and Willibald Ruch of the University of Zurich had been measured of their tendency to laugh at themselves or not, it has been proven that acquiring the ability to laugh at oneself creates a foundation for optimism, energetic personality, good sense of humor and a better overall health.

Here is a brief list why laughter is the best medicine:
  • you become more cheerful.
  • you can develop or tend to have an upbeat personality.
  • you'll seem less serious in dealing with life.
  • the better mood is guaranteed in a snap.
  • you have tendencies of optimism.
  • you become more light-hearted.
  • with a positive outlook on life, you attain overall health where blood pressure is lowered, heart disease is prevented.
  • depression is kept at bay.
  • a great sense of humor takes you to good communication skills not only with those who understand easily but even to the handicapped ones.
These are just some reasons why laughter is the best medicine. It could always be proven right or wrong once you, yourself experience the good effects it does to the body and your overall being.