Get Rid of Stains Easily From Whites with these 3 Simple Tricks

White clothes, shoes or linens can get stains easily whether you are indoors or outdoors. If you are wearing whites and you eat saucy foods or colored drinks which might accidentally spill or slips into your hands, then getting stained is inevitable. 

If some of these whites have been overused and stains are not fresh anymore, you could apply one of these simple tricks. Stains are not removed by detergents alone and this may cost you a lot so why not try removing it naturally. Get rid of these stains with the use of these things that are easily found in your households.


Mix equal amounts of vinegar and lemon in a container to create a whitening solution. This is an effective solution that could really remove stains in whites. 

Using this solution, simply rinse your clothes and then be amazed that the stains would be gone in minutes. And even if vinegar is incorporated into the mixture, it could still give a pleasant smell due to the citrusy smell of lemon.


Aspirin is a medicine given to some patients suffering from blood clotting problems and other health concerns. It is also very common as a treatment for a headache. Aside from this, it can also be a whitening agent for stained clothes. 

To have a mixture of this, grind or smash at least 6 tablets of aspirin in a basin filled with water and simply leave your clothes for about half an hour. After soaking your clothes in the mixture for half an hour, wash your clothes with your regular detergent and then rinse with water. Once in a while, you will notice that it could get rid of stains on your clothes or linens and make it pure as white eventually.


Sodium bicarbonate or baking soda is an ingredient which is well known to everyone with lots of its uses and purposes and one of which is an amazing whitener. It was once said to whiten teeth so what more could it prove its effectivity in whitening clothes or linens even when it is stained. To have the solution, simply add a cup of baking soda in at least 4 liters of water in a big container and mix it thoroughly until all of the baking soda dissolved.

 Then soak your clothes or linens in this mixture/solution for a couple of minutes prior to washing them with your regular detergent. When the stains are removed, you will notice that the clothes look the same from their original look which is as clean and new.