4 Signs your Body is Telling you to Drink More Water

When we say "drink more", we mean to talk about drinking more water and not any alcoholic beverages you are addicted to. We choose to stay on the road to health and wellness. We simply want to inform you that water makes up the 55-65% of the total fluid content of the body. Imagine how significant this is?

 With this simple fact, you should never deprive your body of water. The body greatly needs it and when it is not sufficient enough, it automatically gives you following signs that you need to drink more.

1. You experience frequent joint and back pain

Nearly 80% of the body's cartilage content is composed of water. If these cartilages lack such a fluid needed is not present, frictional forces between two bones occur and joint pains are experienced. Remember that all joints should always be lubricated in order to keep it healthy along with the bones. In certain situations such as unexpected exertion or strenuous activities, water is very much needed to keep the joints hydrated.

2. Increased hunger or cravings even after you have eaten

Most of the time, our body tends to trick us with the feeling of hunger when in fact it is just thirst and all it needed was water to get rehydrated again. Replenishing the body with water goes a long way and keeps you getting to starve easily.

3. You have dry mouth, skin, and eyes

Dehydration is always accompanied by dryness and it is commonly seen in the skin. If it looks chappy or doesn't look moisturized at all then your body demands more water be consumed. The toxins that have accumulated in the skin won't be sweat out if you don't drink enough water.

4. Your urine's color is brown or dark yellow

If the color of your urine is not clear, then your body needs to be cleansed more by drinking lots of water. A dark yellow or brown color of urine simply indicates that there are still toxins in your body that need to be flushed out until its color becomes clear.