Suffering From Arthritis and Joint Pain? Here's What You Should Eat to Stop and Prevent It

Arthritis is a condition wherein you experience stiffness, swelling, inflammation and debilitating joint pain. According to a survey, it affects a lot of people worldwide and these people seem to have manifestations of the disease even at an early age. It does not choose any age nor any gender prevalency is concluded.

Nevertheless, as time goes, people have been innovative in the medical field especially in pharmacology. It is simple to say that you could get relief from arthritic symptoms with the help of medicines. But there are still some people who opt for what they have been used to which is going onto the natural path. Here we give you some home remedies that would help you get rid of the pain that arthritis causes.


Turmeric has already been known to get rid of any inflammation. It contains a chemical called curcumin which is believed to decrease arthritic inflammation. Turmeric is a delicious yellow spice with a strong odor and could be easily combined with your diet. Simply make turmeric tea mixed with an omelet or just make an Indian curry.


According to studies, ginger root has proven well of its anti-inflammatory properties which help in reducing inflammation and joint pain effectively. It is comparable to the effects of Ibuprofen and is actually can be more effective than this and other pain relievers. Simply drink ginger tea four times daily. You could also use it in sauces, chutneys, granola, and vinaigrettes.


Citrus fruits are known to be loaded with Vitamin C. According to studies, citrus fruits are proven to protect against osteoarthritis and is significant in cartilage formation due to collagen production. Reports show that it combats cartilage-damaging free radicals. Simply drink the natural and fresh juice of the citrus fruit you choose.


Ibuprofen and cold-pressed extra virgin oil have both anti-inflammatory properties. Simply incorporate this in your dishes and make it a part of your diet.