Important Reason Why You Should Have Arrowroot (Araru) Plant In Your Backyard

Arrowroot plant or commonly known as Araru is defined as any of a genus (Maranta of the family Marantaceae, the arrowroot family) of tropical American plants with tuberous roots that yield an easily digested edible starch.

Araru plant appears as a smooth, erect, dichotomously branched herbaceous perennial plant with a height of 1-2 meters. It has flowers that measure up to 2 centimeters long and appears to be white. Its stems look slender with the leaves that can be as long as 20 centimeters. This plant grows in a fusiform and fleshy rootstock.

Arrowroot plant can be used in so many different ways be it from its root up to the tip of its leaves. It could simply give you the health benefits you would like to have.

Here is a list of health benefits from araru plant from root to tip:

  1. Can be used as a cover for poisoned arrow wounds or any other kinds of wounds. 
  2. When mashed, can be used as a plaster to areas with spider bites and insect stings. 
  1. When applied to the skin, it helps soothe the affected areas suffering from skin problems such as sunburn. Wasp stings, dermatitis, and even gangrene can be soothed by araru. 
  2. Can be used as an anti-inflammatory skin wrap. 
  3. Relieves irritation, pain, and inflammation of mucous membranes. 
  4. Because of araru plant's high starch content, it is considered as a remedy for diarrhea and reliever of stomach pain. 
  5. Can be used for starching clothes. 
  6. Known as a major ingredient in infant cookies. 
  7. Easily digested and proven to be nourishing. 
  8. Used as a thickener in pastries and sauces.


Fresh juice from the araru plant is used as an antidote for vegetable poisons.


When ground, can aid teething.

This plant can easily be planted in your backyard. With all these amazing benefits, why not plant it now and yield all the good things it can give later?