How To Relieve Stress In 5 Minutes With This Japanese Technique

Stress could really be stressful! Sounds redundant, right? But admit it, it's true. Stress can go in a lot of forms, be it physical, emotional etc. We have all been through stress but what's important is that we can still cope up with this and try to manage it. 

There are many ways to get relief from stress such as eating, having a relaxing day at the spa or simply munching some chocolates. Here we share you a technique that we believe would surely help in stress management. Do it the Japanese way!

The Japanese technique is a self-relaxation technique wherein fingers are the ones involved. The fingers are believed to represent varied attitudes and feeling.

-Fights against the feeling of worry and anxiety.

-Fights against fear.

-Aids in anger management or control of feelings of resentment.

-Aids in combatting depression and makes you more decisive.

-Elevates confidence level and optimistic outlook.

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In doing this technique, hold the finger with the opposite hand and wrap all the fingers and thumb. Then hold the finger for about one to two minutes and remember that it is working good if a pulse is felt.

Not only are fingers involve but also the palm of the hand. Ultimately this is considered to be the way to relax one's mind. With the use of the thumb of the opposite hand, apply a slight pressure on the center of the palm and hold this for one minute.

Thus Japanese technique has come a long way and is totally convenient and easy. Find that balance within your body by simply doing this. It is better if you do it daily. Consistency is the best key and makes it a habit if you have been too fed up with life. These are just simple small things that could go a long way!