How To Get Rid of Dark Spots Naturally With Lemon and Potato Remedy

Dark spots also known as age spots, sun spots or brown spots (freckles) can be seen anywhere in the body. But most of the time it is commonly noticed on the face especially for Caucasians which normally has a fair skin tone. 

These spots are not actually harmful but are sometimes a major concern of some due to their want of having an even skin tone and a blemish free skin. Worry no more because we have a remedy for you. Simply use lemons and potatoes in fading dark spots. Here's how:

Lemons are often incorporated into beauty regimens due to its wonderful effects on the skin. Whether it is consumed or applied topically, lemons are always considered as a good skin home remedy. A lot of people have proven this and it never fails to amaze us. Lemons are rich in citric acid and Vitamin C which promotes good looking healthy young skin. It evens out skin tone an lightens pimple marks.

Potatoes, on the other hand, can actually be a remedy for dark spots. Its main content is starch. Starch in potatoes nourishes the skin, makes the skin glow and prevents or treats hyperpigmentation.

Both potatoes and lemons, when combined is a great remedy for lightening dark spots. These two maximizes their effects at a low price as compared to beauty products sold in the market.


1. Grate a medium-sized potato.
2. Extract from the grated potato its juice.
3. In equal amounts, mix both the potato juice and lemon juice.
4. Apply on face and leave it for 1 hour.
5. Rinse your face with water and pat dry.


1. Grate potatoes and e track in twice.
2. Squeeze the juice from a quarter of a lemon and mix them.
3. Put in ice cube trays and freeze.
4. Apply on a clean face.

Try it at the comfort of your home!