Kontrolin ang Inyong Blood Sugar at Kolesterol sa Pamamagaitan ng Natural at Walang Halong Kemikal na mga Pagkain at Inumin.

Centuries have passed and the people’s lifestyle change from time to time. People way back then eat organic food when processing and preserving food have not yet been discovered. Thinking how they could have aged for a century but nowadays it is pretty much difficult to attain a long life.

In the environment we live in, from all the risk factors to what problems comes from inside of the body, death can be really inevitable. And one of the popular life takers is the dreaded ‘high blood pressure’ or hypertension which can cause and worsen the health of the cardiovascular system and other systems involved. Here we have listed 5 simple remedies you could do at home to control your blood pressure:


Ginger is a thermogenic herb that relaxes the muscles and decreases pressure in the arteries which can be very beneficial in controlling hypertension.


Garlic is not only used in the kitchen but can be beneficial to your body whenever you feel sick. It controls blood pressure by preventing blood clot formation and lessens bad cholesterol in the body.


Brown rice is known to be an alternative to white rice, white bread, and other heavy carbs usually were eaten. Brown rice is much healthier because of its fiber content and with this, it would be good for the heart. Thus, making brown rice beneficial in hypertensive patients.


Black pepper is used as a spice in cooking food but little did you know that it could also control your blood pressure. In a glass of lukewarm water, simply add a spoon of black pepper powder and keep consuming this for every two hours. This decreases blood pressure when it is at its peak.


Along with black pepper, salt is a staple flavoring that is always seen in the kitchen pantry. But when we say salt, we mean “Say no to salt!” because this imposes a big risk in elevating your blood pressure. Remember, salt loves water, and if you consume lots of salt, then the chances of high water retention in the body are present, thus having high blood pressure.


Lemon is another great remedy to control your blood pressure or hypertension because it can make your blood vessels flexible and soft removing their rigidness, that makes your blood pressure levels low. Lemon has a high amount of Vitamin B that can help prevent fatal diseases like heart failure. So if you are experiencing high blood pressure you can drink lemon juice or warm water with lemon every morning on an empty stomach.

7. Coconut Water

Another natural drink that you can add to lower your blood pressure is drinking coconut water. According to a study shown that the coconut water can lower the blood pressure of 71 percent of study participants.

Coconut water is actually composed of almost 95 percent of water content, so, if you found yourself in a situation of increase in blood pressure, just drink one glass of coconut water to help you decrease and maintain it on a neutral level.

These are only home remedies, it will always be best to consult a doctor if the situation calls you to.