Ano nga ba ang Best time Para Makipagtalik? Halina't Alamin dito.

As quoted from The Daily, there was a survey conducted in the United Kingdom by the researchers at Forza Supplement. There were a thousand people who participated in the survey and was asked to what time of the day was best for them to do different daily activities and in engaging to lovemaking. 

We will let you know something about the survey first before giving you what the best time is for lovemaking.

In the said survey conducted by the researchers, results have shown that sleep is essential and that you are requested to be a morning person still. At the time of 6:45 am probably you should be waking up, and after 15 minutes you can now go for a run or do that cardio workout your body badly needs. 

When you are doing cardiovascular exercises, fats are burnt and this would be beneficial for your body and will start up your day right with an increase in energy levels. This could elevate a great mood. It is best to eat breakfast after doing the cardio workout. It is true that one should never skip breakfast since this is the most important meal of the day. 

You know what would be the best thing to do after breakfast? 

Yes, you are correct. Love making or just sex. The best time for sex is ideally around 45 minutes after waking up for one to get over the feeling of grogginess and allow the body to release energy and keeps it completely refreshed. 

Both male and female have extra energy because both had a good night sleep and had rested well. In fact, males have elevated testosterone levels in mornings that is why they lasted longer in bed and had the drive to do so.

The survey results have shown that morning sex is best. But this is just a mere survey and people have different preferences. And as for someone I know, she once told me that the best time for lovemaking is when you are married because sex is sacred.