5 Worst Parenting Mistakes That You Should Avoid To Prevent Your Child From Becoming Disrespectful and ill Mannered

Parents have always been the most incredible people on the planet. No matter what circumstances you are in, they will always be the people you will be grateful of.

If not for them, you wouldn't be here and see the world. But somehow, they can be a little bit off. They find fault with their children yet little did they know that what causes the children's sudden change of behavior is actually due to them.

Dear parents, you don't have to be the perfect mother or father your children needs you to be but take note of these five faulty parenting skills that you might be doing to your child. These could (not) make and break them. Here's the list:

1. You're always the BOSS

You always tell your child what to do without even acknowledging her feelings or what she wants things to be. This might cause your child being disrespectful towards others since she wants to do it her way.

2. You have been the BAD MODEL

What more could a child imitate but his/her parent's traits? If he/she is ride then probably it might be because you been a bad example to your kids.

3. You IGNORE your children

Have you ever thought why your children are so irritable and bad-tempered to the point that he/she always wants to be noticed? Well, this is because you simply ignore your children and you don't give your attention. He/she doesn't know how else to be noticed than to be a Bratt.

4. You COMPARE them to anybody else

When you compare your children to others, it will seem that they are not good enough for you. With this, a behavior of being envious and jealous manifests in your children. Their mindset will always be "he/she is better than me" because you imposed it on them.


Your child might lack trust in you and be secretive. He/she will get to the point that lying to you would be fine since it will be the only way for him/her to get out from being scolded and be in a situation where you would be outraging. Your child is frightened and does not want to see that side of you.

source: brightside.me