5 Things That Could Happen To Your Body If You Suddenly Experience Heartbreak

We all have our fantasies of meeting our prince and princess. We have a gush of hope that someday they will come. And when they finally did, we then hope for our happy endings. But that doesn't happen every time. There will always be painful endings and it will leave our hearts shattered like a broken glass. 

Your same old habits or routines can actually vary from the happy normal life you used to do that then transitions into a depressed state and all you could simply do is cry. When a heart breaks, the whole body gets affected and it responds to it in a different matter. What are these? just keep on reading and check out the list below.


When a heart is broken, you have the tendency to pig out or starve yourself to death. Sometimes, food doesn't matter anymore. With these tendencies, sudden drastic changes on your body weight can be noticeable such as a severe case of weight gain or weight loss. People have different responses to heartbreaks and some opt to do stress eating because food makes them happy at least.


When you are brokenhearted, you are acceptably vulnerable to a lot of things, the feelings you have towards others is different from the way they think of you. You become totally sensitive to whatever other people say about you. You get hurt easily. Just remember this, you cannot always please everybody but try to develop your character in the more positive side so that negativity and toxicity in your life tend to get ignored and you'll just focus on the good side.


Heartbreaks are painful and so is physical pain. When your heart gets broken, it is undeniable that you experience having several body pains like stomachaches, headaches and even literal heartaches. Your body responds to the stress you are suffering from through all the aches you have been feeling. But remember this, pain is just weakness living the body.


According to a study that people who suffer from a traumatic experience which primary includes heartbreak can make the heart beat slow down for a certain period of time. This condition could compromise your circulatory system. Visit a doctor if this happens.


Many people are suffering from depression and this condition should not be taken for granted because there are many cases who conduct suicide because of depression. This is one of the common conditions a heartbreak can bring to your mental deterioration. This must be treated accordingly and should ask for some professional advice.

image source: wikihow.com