5 Super Foods That You Should Eat To Help You Fight Depression

Depression is defined as a state of feeling sad or can actually be a serious medical condition in which a person feels very sad, hopeless, and insignificant and often is unable to live in a normal way.

Nowadays, depression is prevalent in all parts of the world and almost all human beings have experienced this feeling. Either way, we are here to help you conquer depression and be happy by eating these superfoods:


We can also say that a banana a day keeps the doctor away. The fruit doesn't necessarily be an apple. Bananas are one of the happy foods available out there. These fruits are truly rich in potassium and magnesium needed for the body's muscle activities and other aspects of the entire system. It also contains tryptophan which is later converted by the brain into 5-HTP. 5-HTP then becomes positive neurotransmitters such as serotonin and melatonin.


Almost all are chocolate lovers and they believe that it increases happy hormones in the body. When we say chocolate, it has to be dark or the cocoa itself because in this type of chocolate, serotonin and dopamine levels are increased and amounts of cortisol ("stress" neurotransmitter) decreased.


In the cartoon, Popeye the sailor man, spinach makes Popeye strong. This is true to life and not only could not give you strength but it is also considered to have anti-depressant properties due to its rich magnesium content. It contains folic acid just like other green leafy vegetables that boost dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain.


Not only are bananas the known fruit rich in potassium but avocados are rich in this content too. In fact, it contains 485 mg potassium per 100 grams and has been shown to treat depression and stress.


Antioxidants properties can be found in lots of fruits and one of which is blueberry. Blueberry is a natural antioxidant and with this property, oxidative stress(the main feature of depression) in the body is lessened. It also aids in cell regeneration and growth which is a way to treat depression.