4 Hidden Reasons Why You Can't Get Pregnant

If you dream of having a family of your own and that you'll get pregnant for some time in the future, you should be aware of the factors that may or may not let you bear a child. 

Here we discuss four reasons why somehow you can't have a baby of your own:

1. Your beloved partner is worn out by stress.

Stress is one of a certain condition that affects our body's systems normal functions. In men, if they are too worn out by stress, their fertility is affected. If the problems causing stress is not resolved, then it could worsen the situation.

2. You have inaccurate predictions of your fertile period.

Some women often have their periods on an irregular basis. This decreases the chances of being pregnant which may be due to an underlying serious cause. If you can't keep track of your fertility period correctly then you better give extra effort in monitoring your days especially if you want to have a baby. There are lots of apps available to keep you on your period track, just look what best suits you and your preference.

3. You exercise too much and beyond your limits.

Burning that extra fat or simply doing your daily cardio routine is a good thing but not when you're overdoing it too much. Overexercising is already an issue. If you exceeded from your body's limitations and tried to do a lot more, then you might be going for worst case scenarios. A research study has shown that a woman may not be able to get pregnant if she does too intense daily workouts.

4. Your beloved partner is using the wrong lubricant.

Lubricant varies and if you want to have a high chance of pregnancy then better yet research on some good ones. A correct type of lubricant should be carefully chosen, and these should have the ability to be beneficial for male fertility.

source: brightside.me