4 Daily Things Your Doing Wrong

We all have our daily routines but little did we know that we are doing it wrong. We just do it simply because it has been a habit already. We don't mind if we do it the proper way.

Nevertheless, we have listed here 10 daily things you do improperly and how to correct them:

1. Tooth brushing with the use of horizontal movements only.

The most common mistake you do every day is brushing your teeth horizontally. You limit the movement in a horizontal manner only. Dentists have educated us the proper brushing technique. Incorporate vertical movements and circular motions of your toothbrush from the gums to the edge of the tooth. 

Also, try using floss to remove food debris in between teeth to prevent tooth decay developing at the areas cannot be reached by your toothbrush.

2. Using paper towels when drying hands.

Some people advocates in saving mother earth and some exploits what it gives. We are given life to take care of all other life forms and with these, we are called to conserve our resources. Instead of using too many paper towels when you dry your hands, shake your hands thoroughly before drying them in order to remove excess water from the hands. 

Thus, reducing the use of a much-needed paper towel. With this, consumption is decreased and production won't that be in high demand. Fewer trees to cut and waste to dispose of therefore saving our planet even in our own little ways.

3. Exercising with no warm-ups.

Preparation is a must in everything we do. We should be ready in all matters. In exercising, you should anticipate body pain and this will be lessened if your muscles are warmed up before going through a total body workout. Do flexibility and warm-up exercises and intensify it gradually as you go. Also, do stretching exercises when you're done working out.

4.Consuming lots of soap in the shower.

If you want to age gracefully, do not use too much soap when you shower. Soaps are astringents and these causes dryness in your skin. With skin dryness present, aging is more visible. Use a minimum amount of soap and on the important or necessary areas only such as skin folds. Then let the soapy water run down through your body since it is more than enough to keep you clean.