3 Reasons Why You are Still Single

Everybody have dreamed of having their own fairytales and happy endings. We all have that urge to find our prince charming and princess. We wait for love and it seems that love cannot find its way for us. We hope that someday we meet our forever person and be with them for all eternity.

We are given chances to have someone in our lives, some of them stay but some of them don't. In some point, have you ever thought of the fact that the people trying to please you are not the problem but the problem lies within you? Try re-evaluating yourself with these list of reasons why you are still single:


People have ideals in life, be it in the aspect of a career, work and even with love. With all these ideas, it seems too impossible to find "the one". The ultimate right person, the perfect man/woman, the man/woman of my dreams as we may say. 

You put the bars too high and expect too much from the other person and even if they try so hard to please you, you still cannot be pleased. Remember that you are dealing with reality and life is not like the movies. Things happen even if it is not the way you expect it to be. Just like in love, not all expectations are met. You'll just be disappointed if you wait for it to be. Nobody is perfect but try developing yourself first in a way that your standards mirror you. Remember, you attract who you are.

2. You are always in a RUSH

We live in a fast-paced world. Time passes by and you think that as you age you should have found your forever person at a specific time. You are too quick in love. You live in the future and not in the present. Whenever someone comes into your life, you go in a rush. 

Imagine on a first date, you ask him/her about your future plans that you talk about marriage, kids, family and all. Yes, you'll come to that point if the person is really into you and serious about your relationship. But try taking things slow, think about things and take time to assess the other person.

3. You still LOVE YOUR EX

Your feelings with an ex-lover are still there. You haven't moved on from the past yet. If you keep on remaining from living in the past, you cannot go forward and enjoy the present and get a hold of what the future brings. There may come a time that a person will come and you might mistakenly "love" him/her because you just miss the feeling of being in a relationship. 

You believe that this could be the only way that you can mask off all the loneliness but, in the end, you will just both end up suffering. Both of you will feel exhausted. Just think of that other person you will affect. Heal yourself first. Love yourself and then by the time you are ready, with no hesitation and reservations, go on for love!