You Can Detect If You Are Healthy Or Not Base On The Color Of Your Urine ~ Find Out Here.

It is really hard to tell whether a person has a good or bad health condition. Sometimes, people tend to have a series of medical examination and assessment to determine vague conditions that most people have. Even though they have symptoms of ailments that could signify a threat to their health, many people just ignore this conditions. But people could be aware of these threats through the color of their urine.

It could signify a lot of things that your body forwards about. This indicator could be used to identify different types of health issue.

Urine is primarily composed of water (95%) and the rest are (5%) urea, potassium, creatinine, as well as other compounds that are by-products of chemical synthesis in the body which involves the urinary and digestive system.

Another known waste product in the urine is the Urobilun which is made from breaking down the red blood cells which provide a yellowish color for the urine.

Urobilin is known as a waste product that was made from the breakdown of the red blood cells, which is the reason behind the yellow urine color.

Here is the color of urine that is related to your health condition


The urine shows a good sign of well-hydrated body and highly dissolved electrolyte balance which might affect improper chemical balance inside the cellular activity.

Light Yellow

It means that the body is in normal hydration and is considered as the healthiest in contrast to other urine colors.

Vague Color

If it contains white foggy clouds inside urine, it means there is an infection in the bladder because of the mucus and protein being synthesized inside the body.

Medium Yellow

It is a sign of slight dehydration and increased water consumption is advised.

Dark Yellow

It is a sign of serious dehydration and might cause weakness and light-headedness due to the water imbalance. It is advised to increase plenty of water and rest.


It means that the urine has too much bilirubin inside it and may indicate gallstone problem in the bile duct. It could also be a result of medicine intake that could change the color and consistency of the urine.


This can be a serious case because it determines that there is a blood in the urine and must visit the urologist as possible as they can.

Slightly Pinkish Dark

A darker shade of pink indicates a serious and dangerous condition. It is a sign that there is a significant amount of blood in your urine and also could tell that there is an infection on the urinary bladder.

Purely Darker Pink

This means that there is an excessive amount of blood in the urine. It is also a possible cancer involvement; however, and have to confirm it with the advice of the doctor.


This type of color in the urine is due to some medicine like as antibiotic metronidazole or the anti-malaria chloroquine. It could also determine excessive urea in the urine.

Blue or Green urine

It might be due to severe infection in the urinary bladder and also the artificial colors of drinks and food that might have been consumed. It could also be due to infection which is caused by bacteria that could also provide green and bluish pus formation. It must be addressed earlier with a check up to your primary healthcare practitioner.