10 Sinyales na Gusto ng Babae na Makipagtalik sa sayo sa Kama.

In these type of society, most women still couldn't be freely vocal about the things they feel because of the standards that the community wants for them. Most of the people will try to judge most of the women by the way they look and the things they do without the regards on how they would feel.

Most of the women who are independent and liberated are usually the ones who are open to prejudice and defamation. Most of the women are deprived of their rights to be sexually free from society's judgment and point of view.

Despite all these dispositions, it is best to know how they would feel in order to please them from all the things they couldn't tell you.

Avoid being anticipated

Be more spontaneous and surprise her with simple things that could effortlessly sweep of her feet with simple chocolates and flower. Being with her out of the blue when she needs you unexpectedly is very convenient for you to score up a heated fight for your loved one.


Being more sensual for most of the time could definitely work to make her yearn for more. Seducing her through a little bit of effort and being with her for most of the time. Try being more touchy and intimate with her with a little bit of help of roses and chocolates to make her night special and give in to you.

Hard s3x

A little bit of masochism and sadism could potentially fire up her mood for some tough love and hard s3x. Trying new s3x positions and forms to please her the right way. Just make it a little bit safe to keep her comfortable in some sorts.


Doing things a little bit of the norm sometimes help to ease up tension between the real life and providing more time in imagination. Performing it in bed could also spice up your relationship.

Morning sexual pleasure

It is said that having s3x early in the morning before getting out of the bed makes both of your days jumped up because of the pumping of blood to your heart. It also stimulates hormones to keep your body energized and stress-free.

Let her communicate more

Asking her what she wants in bed could be more efficient to please her the right way. Trying to make it more comfortable while having an intimate action is beneficial for both of you to promote your connection with your partner.

Take it slow

Trying to savor every bit of the moment and inclining with her inch by an inch would make her a little bit of a tease. Do not rush while doing it because it might leave her unsatisfied.

Oral s3x

With or without asking, she will definitely enjoy a little bit of oral s3x. Start by slowly kissing her from the nape all the way down to make her pleased and satisfied. She might do the same thing to you afterward.

Do most of the work

If she is really tensed up and sometimes feeling a little bit of stress, try doing all the work for her. Undressing her and caressing her slowly will surely make her fired up.

Be more adventurous

Having a little bit of privacy outside will do. Try to do it in the car, on the beach or even in the middle of the forest to make it more a little bit out of ordinary could really mean a thing for her.