WOMAN'S PERSPECTIVE: 9 Bed Mistakes Men Do According to Women

Women love it when their partners truly understand what they are doing, especially in bed. Yes, sometimes men makeup to be the boss they ought to be but that doesn't mean they are totally flawless in bed. Sometimes women are the ones believed to be at fault but in reality, it's merely what their partners mistakenly do.

Here are the nine-bed mistakes men unknowingly do base from a woman's perspective:

Persuading their dislikes and likes

Sometimes, guys tend to force themselves to women and some of this may actually be awkward for her. A woman doesn't like it when you totally force your wants on her so simply try to understand her side and man up if she's not into it.

When you're in a rush

A woman loves to feel excited but not frustrated when you ruin moments. They do not like it when men try to speed things up. Sometimes it's a partner's preference to go slow or fast but try to know her needs.

Mere follower

Women love leaders but not too dominating. Yes, they might want to take the lead at times but it would be nice if their partner has the sense of direction they're looking for. Women love it when their man rules the bed and he's the boss and taking the lead.

When you're too quick and she isn't done yet
It's not always the case that when guys are done then their love partners are also done too. Satisfy both and not only yourself. Do not be selfish.

Areas of sensuality

Women's body should be fully understood by men. Bodies are not toys. It's great if a man is truly knowledgeable enough to know which parts of the female body is the most sensual. This is a fact that would completely satisfy any woman.

When you're silent

Do not be quiet. Sometimes it seems annoying when guys don't even speak a word of making out. Them being able to make a sound even an itsy bitsy one (not an awkward one please) is what most of the women likes.

When you don't listen

Again, women love it most when guys are selfless and are good listeners. It's good to know what your partner really wants. Of course, it is a give and takes process. Let the feeling and wants be mutual. Dear men, just listen to your women.

Undressing her poorly

Women are turned off easily if a guy has poor undressing skills. Like c'mon men, try to master it because this sets up the mood and women just loves it when you do it right away and smoothly. Yes, some women may have been too intricate on the details of their undergarments to spice things up but let this be a challenge to you men and test your abilities. Major turn on with this one.

When you kiss awkwardly

Women love it when her man is a very good kisser. This very moment is where the heat starts so if you guys are too bad with this thing, better yet don't ask if the woman you're with has been turned off. It's a must that men should know how to kiss a woman.