Narito ang Rason Kung Bakit Masama ang Uminom ng Kape ng Walang Laman ang Tyan Lalong- Lalo na sa Umaga. Basahin Dito.

Some people tend to drink a very hot coffee early in the morning without eating any meals before going to work. However, while you enjoy the blend and aroma of a coffee, it also draws a backlash on your empty stomach which surmises on having some serious health problems that might affect your daily tasks.

Here are some of the effects of having a coffee on an empty stomach:

1. Increases acidity in your stomach

Filled with the right balance of hydrochloric acid, the stomach could easily digest food effectively. But if the coffee is introduced in an empty stomach, the acid inside will have a reaction with the coffee and it will provide discomfort in your body accompanied with stomach aches.

The stomach would release more acid chemicals in the stomach because of the stimulation of the coffee inside the stomach. The acid will eventually damage the tissue lining in the stomach which could cause severe conditions such as digestive tract infection which could lead to ulceration or irritable bowel syndrome. It could also provide heartburn or stomach acid re-flux.

2. Promotes anxiety

With the decreased function of the brain because of the emptied stomach, the brain will have problems in producing serotonin levels properly. If the level of serotonin drops significantly, it could induce anxiety and depression.

Drinking a cup of coffee on an empty stomach could also cause more anxiety because it stimulates adrenaline activation and boosts the hormones such as cortisol which is activated when the stress levels are at its peak. This will eventually make your body feeling agitated and nervous for some amount of time.

3. Dehydration

It could induce dehydration in the body because of the pure coffee that has been ingested with an empty stomach. It is advised to drink more fluids to keep your hydration on a standard level.

4. Loss of Appetite

Drinking coffee early in the morning on an empty stomach could make you feel satiated and full. It makes you lose your appetite because of the effects of stimulation inside your body. Some people do this in order to stay fit and to reduce weight by skipping breakfast meal.

It is believed that the ideal time for enjoying a coffee is between 10 a.m. and noon after eating your breakfast meal.