Things We Commonly Used and Consumed Everyday Which Are Linked To Cancer

Cancer is defined as a serious disease that is caused by cells that are normal and that can spread to one or more parts of the body. It is one of the dreaded serious medical condition feared by humans. Some may just be benign and others could be malignant. Malignancy is where the true problem lies because sometimes you cannot control its metastasis or spread through some parts of the body.

In our normal day to day living, we use these following things not knowing that it is linked to cancer or could cause such. What are these things? Read the list.


One of a person's personal hygiene kit includes a deodorant or an antiperspirant. This is applied in the armpits which are in close proximity to the breasts. Thus, chemicals contained in deodorants or antiperspirants particularly aluminum can harm your body. For years, researchers have said that aluminum-based deodorants or antiperspirant is said to increase the chances of having a breast cancer.


The main component of some intense sweeteners or artificial sweeteners is Aspartame which is feces that originated from the bacteria known as E.coli. This kind of sugar is extremely sweeter than regular sugar thus making it super sweet. If consumed too much, this could damage your body. Some people consume this kind of sugar simply because they are prescribed or advised by doctors to patients having some sugar problems.


Meat and milk are foods commonly found in the pantries of households. These are often consumed but little did we know what component of these could cause cancer. Hormones in milk and meat are the components linked to cancer. Some farm animals are fed with artificial hormones and these hormones stay in their bloodstream since it can survive the digestion process. Once humans consume these hormone-fed farm product, depression, inflammation, and even cancer can occur.


Shout out to all the people who love makeup. Remember that there will always be some danger in whatever things we use. Some cosmetics contain loads of toxic substances that could damage your body and may lead to cancer. Cosmetics are applied to the skin and the skin serves as a passageway of these toxic substances which then go through the body's bloodstream. With this information, try hard to know the things you put on your skin and do some research first so that further health-related problems could be prevented.