Here's How Your Blood Type Affect Your Health and Linked With Certain Health Conditions

It has been distinguished that there are researchers noted some health conditions could be determined through their corresponding blood type.

These blood types could have a major impact regarding its influence on the risk of having a variety of health related conditions such as cardiac problems, pulmonary problems, endocrine disease, cancer, and other problems.

Blood Type-A
  • They are easy to have stomach ulcers and abdominal problems. 
  • They are less likely prone to heart-related diseases. 
  • They are also commonly prone to gastrointestinal problems. 
  • They are less likely to have memory problems and brain function disorder. 

Blood Type-B
  • There are a lot of people with this blood type tends to be susceptible to pancreatic disease.
  • People with type-B blood are more prone to brain diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer's disease in their later years. 
  • They are more often to have stomach ulcers. 
  • They are easily infected with diseases. 
  • They tend to have fast metabolic processes in the body. 
  • They could quickly build up muscle mass from exercises aside from other people with different blood type. 
Blood Type-O
  • People with this type of blood have a lower risk of having some cardiac problems. 
  • People with this kind of blood type are less prone to develop a pancreatic disease. 
  • Commonly, they also have a lesser risk of having a heart disease and stomach problems such as cancer than other groups with different blood type. 
  • They tend to have a stronger immune system on preventing endocrine diseases. 
  • They also have a fast metabolic activity which makes them prone to obesity. 
  • Women with a blood type-O have a lower fertility rate than most women.

Blood Type-AB
  • Regarding on the blood type-AB, people with this blood type tend to have 23% chances of having heart-related conditions such as infractions and aortic valve insufficiency. 
  • They also have a greater risk involving the brain's cognitive functions. 
  • Having a blood type-AB also promotes a high risk of having pre-eclampsia which produces a high blood pressure after birth for pregnant women. 
  • They also have an 82% chances of having difficulties with retention of memory and decreased brain function.