Here's How to Stop your Child’s Addiction from Using Computer and Other Gadgets

Most kids are getting too mindful in utilizing all the gadgets and computer that becomes a trend these days. But most kids are exceptionally active on computer and gadgets use because of addiction.

While computers are incredibly useful tools, they can also be addictive. Many kids have problems spending too much time on the computer and other gadgets, which can be frustrating for you as a parent. 

Computer and gadget addiction have been described as being just as powerful as a drug addiction and your child’s excessive computer usage could lead to more serious problems down the road. Help your child overcome their own computer addiction by placing limits on their computer use, talking to them, and helping them find alternative activities.

Here's How to Limit your child’s addiction from using a computer and other gadgets:

Make sure that your child focuses on their studies and their attention on family orientation. They need to balance their time and I just ate mostly on social and educational activities. If your child six more attention and spends almost all of his time on the computer, it shows a clear sign of addiction.

Have a security password on your devices

Your computer and other gadgets will be requiring a security password before using it. This will lessen your child’s capability to access your computer which will be needing your supervision in order to use it. You can reduce their time of usage and guide them while using your computer. 

If you could not provide supervision while they are using your computer and you’re away from home, you can always give them your password and change it afterward.

Set your computer and other gadgets with parental guidance

While you’re away from home and your child is using your computer, you can set a parental setting to limit the access to using your computer and the internet so they could limit theirselves from doing unnecessary things to do which will promote computer addiction. 

Allot a playtime to your children after they finish doing their tasks 

You can only let them play or use your computer after they finish their household responsibilities and daily homework. You can give them a checklist of all the things they have to do before using their allotted playtime. 

Be careful on setting this tasks as your child may not balance their time if they could not commit to you expected an outline of their chores. They also need to balance their family time and outdoor play but with your utmost supervision. you can also set up some rules and consequences if they could not deliver from the said timeline upon doing their responsibilities

Gadgets and computer prohibition

Allow a place where your child could only access your computer and gadgets. Do not allow them to use these things in their room or while having a dinner.

You can always set the computer for their homework use only and have another computer for their leisure time such as gaming or social media usage.

You could also lock the charger of your laptops if they are using it inside their room so that you could limit their access and timeframe on their leisure activities.

Provide a time limit on their use of computer

having at least two hours per day on their usage of the computer could limit their activities and lessen their addictive traits. Subject these rules to your children only if they are not doing school-related activities. you could set a timer to let them know if they exceeded their timeframe on using the computer. you could vouch for their activity by giving a 15-minute warning before their time is up.

Address your child with their excessive use of the gadgets and computer

Ask your children if there are any specific reasons for them to use the computer excessively. you should need to know what your child needs in order for them to lose their addiction under the influence of computer games. 

If they are having difficulties in schools are having problems without your knowledge, you should address it quickly in order for them to reduce their stress because sometimes computer games could function as an escape from their stress in the outside world. It is also needed to be discussed to avoid the unstable emotional behavior and mental problems.

you should also listen to them without judging their actions in order for them to share their feelings towards you. Having these fleeting behaviors could provide unnecessary burden for your child’s mental health

Set a necessary punishment or conditional consequences 

Assess your children by knowing their feelings and measuring their ability to follow the basic rules and their privileges for computer use. Also, set the necessary punishment if they attempt to step out of their boundaries. These consequences must be attainable yet difficult for your child to make them comply with the set of rules to follow. You could ban them for at least a day from using a computer if they broke the rules.

Be authoritative

Some parents delay their punishments or lessen the difficulty of their just punishment once their children break their rules. Being an authoritative parent must mandate the rules and uphold these punishments in order for your child to avoid any misdemeanor. Do not let them feel that if they do something bad, they will think that they will not be punished or reprimanded. This will also teach them to be more responsible and dutiful.

Be their role model

Being a parent, it is your utmost duty to become a good role model for your children. Spending lesser time on using your gadgets or computer around your them will provide your children good image that they will try to follow.

Instead, you should spend more time with them and bond with your family. Seek alternatives that will tamper their addiction on the computer.

You could avoid their addiction in computer use by altering it with a more healthy playtime such as board games or games associated with sports. Engaging them in more physical activities could help them from their addiction and also improve their health which will hasten their growth and development. you could also set a more effective means of losing their addiction through socialization with their friends.

Spend much more time for family bonding 

Do not spend time with your family while having your smartphones turned on or working with your computer. Having such scenario would affect your bonding time with your family. Having simple dinner with them or gathering them over a simple talk could provide a healthy relationship towards your family.

Engage them in school activities or sports

If your child seeks interest in playing any sports vouch for them for playing to reduce their computer addiction. This will help them engage in a much more social activity that will improve their skills. This will also help them to gain new friends they could also participate in school activities such as theatrical play or musical events.

Support them to join school organizations

Seek advice to the school administrators in which your child could improve their social skills through joining in school organizations. In this way, they will find their own strength through their participation in school clubs and organizations.

Get professional aid or advice

if you could not control your child to reduce their addiction and they promote aggression through the rules you’ve set, it would be advised to seek counsel from a professional mental health care provider. there are a lot of therapists that specialize in resolving computer addiction and emotional reaction towards aggression.

Recognizing the Signs of Computer Addiction

Some children isolate themselves to avoid family distractions while focusing on their computer addiction. They also do not pay attention to their social life and seeks comfort on their escape in reality through computer games. They would rarely interact with some people and turn down to other people invitation just to focus on their addiction through isolation.

Observe your child while doing their responsibilities

Some children avoid doing their tasks and chores but rather wants to focus on their computer after getting home from school. These are the usual signs of addiction which most parents must be concerned about.

Determine if your child’s sleep habits are affected

Make sure that your children do not stay up late at night just to use the computer. This will affect their health because of their irregular sleeping habits.