Avoid These 10 Foods If You Have High Blood Pressure or Heart Problem. Here's Why.

There are a lot of health condition that arises in your body which is due to unhealthy eating lifestyle. Some of these foods are quite tasty which will satisfy all of your cravings but have poor nutritional benefits which could only provide harm to the heart.

There are a lot of studies about high blood pressure being linked with bad habits of eating foods that have high cholesterol levels which make the linings of the arterial wall in the blood vessels damaged and eventually clog the passages that go through the heart. There is also a determining factor regarding the excessive sodium intake which causes hypertensive conditions.

Here are the 10 foods that could provide unhealthy benefits if taken excessively:


Some processed salty food contains a large amount of sodium which could harm your heart if consumed regularly. This will affect the cardiovascular system of the body and could disrupt the passages of blood which goes mainly through the heart, kidney, and brain.

Maintaining an adequate and sufficient level of sodium in the body may provide health benefits by reducing the consumption of salty foods or by taking alternative food with less sodium level.

French Fries

Many people like the efficiency of fast food chains but taking too much food from these establishments that have high cholesterol level could pose a threat to your healthy lifestyle. This type of food has a high sodium and caloric content which could be alarming if take on large amounts.

Soft drinks

Sodas are regarded as one of the most unhealthy carbonated drinks which contain a lot of sugar. It contains a lot of artificial sweeteners that could induce hypertension if taken excessively. This type of drink could also produce too much acidity in the stomach and could provide imbalance on the pH levels. It is advised to take precaution on taking too many carbonated drinks for it will also increase blood sugar levels which will also disrupt the flow of blood and make it more viscous that will result in having a difficulty in pumping blood from the heart.


Taking too much liquor or alcohol could result in a very detrimental lifestyle regarding one's health. There's a research that states in the increased mortality rate regarding their intake of liquor in older age men which results in heart attack. Reducing the average of alcoholic beer intake into two bottles a day would be very significant in maintaining a balanced lifestyle.


There is a much greater risk for certain individuals with bad health conditions such as high blood pressure if they are taking too much food with high cholesterol content. Bacon is one of the most unhealthy food which contains high saturated fat and sodium. Although it contains high amounts of protein, it also contains high cholesterol level and much worse if cooked in oil.

An alternative solution for you to enjoy bacon is by replacing it with chicken or turkey instead of pork or beef. It contains a lower fat, sodium and caloric levels which are good for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Processed Food

Processed meat contains a lot of preservatives and fatty oils which are one of the prevailing factors that contribute to high blood pressure. Reducing intake of processed food could reduce this factors by which trying alternatives such as chicken or salads could provide health boosts and nourishment for the body.


Too much sugar content in meals could increase the risk of having hypertension. In could induce an increase in weight and thus, might lead to hypertension which most young adults could attain.

One study also states about the consumption meals that contain high levels of sugar could notably increase the systolic and diastolic levels of blood pressure compared to regular meals that have less sugar level.

It is due to the increase of sugar level in the blood that promotes venous stasis which is a risk of promoting blood clots that could induce severe complications such as heart attack or arterial hemorrhage on the brain.


Doughnuts contain large amounts of calorie and carbohydrates. A single doughnut may contain 200 calories with at least 12 grams of fat. With its amount of sugar and calorie content, it could be regarded as one of the foods that make you unfit if taken on a regular basis with large amounts.


It is regarded as one of the unhealthy ingredients for many food uses which are made from the butterfat of milk. It contains 80% trans-fat which provides no health benefits besides providing calories. It increases the risk of having coronary heart disease because it lowers the HDL cholesterol and raises the levels of LDL which are bad for the health.

Processed Noodle Soup

It contains a high amount of sodium and fat which may be unhealthy if taken regularly. It could promote unhealthy dietary habit and may provide severe complications in the kidney because of its salt content. It also may promote sodium imbalance which could lead to dehydration and may have a high risk for urinary tract infection.

Instant Noodles

It has been stated that these type of food also contains a high amount of sodium that peaks up to 1560 grams per pack and high amount of fat that promotes LDL levels. It has low nutritional value even though it contains protein, iron, and fiber. It also contains a lot of calories that provide energy but has artificial preservatives which may induce risks for cancer.

If you want to have a good health and avoid risks for complication. It is advised to avoid eating this food regularly.

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