Apply Gentle Pressure To These Area Of Your Baby's Foot To Relieved Discomfort and Pain Caused By These Following Health Problems

It is really frustrating for parents to do nothing while their babies are crying for the things they feel or illness they have. Because of the limited symptoms that most babies present, It's a little bit frustrating to provide the utmost care and remedy to give them because it is hard to pinpoint the exact cause of their problem. 

Some of these conditions could be relieved through natural remedies but sometimes are not good for children for they have some serious side effects that could be detrimental to their health.

It has been tried by many people doing a little bit of reflexology to the babies foot could be a really safe therapy to improve their health. These specific locations on the foot could provide a systemic improvement to the body's blood circulation to improve its function while empowering the immune system. Doing these with children could also resolve their discomfort from sorts of condition and symptoms to make them feel better and have a better rest.

By applying a gentle pressure on the specific areas on the feet will help unlock the flow of blood in the body resulting in a release of certain hormones to modulate the body's function and block the receptors for pain. With the babies miniature physique, it could result in for fast deliberation of therapeutical effects.

Headaches and teeth pain

By providing a little bit of stroking pressure on the tips of the toes could provide relief for the babies who suffer from headaches and teeth pain who undergoes growth.

Sinus congestion

While babies could not take decongestants from sinus blockage, parents try to massage the pads of the toes and fingers in a circular motion to help them ease up their congestion.

Lung problems

Massaging the feet just the base of the toes in a circular motion somehow affects the function of the lungs which improves its protection to fight off invasive lung diseases. Pulmonary illness could lead to severe complication which provides difficulty for the baby to sleep and eat.

Coeliac plexus

Rubbing the area of the sole of the foot in a slow circular would help to stimulate the coeliac plexus or the solar plexus just behind the stomach to help the babies to provide optimal relieve their pain from stomach pain. It is an effective therapeutical treatment for babies having trouble in breathing to circulate the oxygen to the body.

Abdominal pain

Stroking the lower abdominal area of the babies to remove their excessive gas on the body. This will help them from their bowel movement if they have constipation.

Pelvic pain

Some common problems of these babies are irregular hip displacements and some hip problems due to excessive external rotation of their hips. Rubbing the heel of the foot will help to sooth up the pain from these conditions.