5 Health Benefits Of Drinking Lemongrass Tea for Body and Overall Health

One of the widely known culinary herb in South-East Asian cuisine and also as a medical herb is the lemongrass. It can be used for a fresh ingredient seasoning but mostly used in a powder or dried up form.

Lemongrass has been a great source of nutrients such as Vitamins A and C, folate, magnesium, potassium, iron, phosphorus and manganese.

It has been used as a traditional herbal medicine to prevent severe conditions such as fever, acne, rheumatism, anxiety and much more. It could be used as a tea to gain the effects of the remedy to prevent various health issues. By brewing the tea with fresh or dried lemongrass in a cup of hot water in just a matter of minutes.

Effects of Lemongrass As Home Remedy:

Aids in digestion

It promotes the function of the stomach and destroys bad bacteria and some parasitic organism that lives in the digestive tract with its antiseptic effects. It could also ease up problems such as constipation, heartburn, diarrhea, bloating, stomach spasms and cramps. It also soothes up inflammation in the stomach to avoid complication and worsening of the condition.

By drinking lemongrass tea on a daily basis, it will make your digestive tract healthy. It is not advised to be ingested by small children.

Regulates the level of cholesterol

It improves the body's function to metabolize cholesterol and prevent conditions such as atherosclerosis by reducing the chances of having plaque buildup in the blood vessels. It helps in decreasing the absorption of cholesterol in the intestines and lowers LDL in the body which decreases the risk of having a heart attack.

According to a study at the University of Wisconsin in 1989, people who daily took 140-milligram capsules of lemongrass noted a marked down in their cholesterol levels. They have also seen a significant reduction in cholesterol level in the blood that adds up to its effect in regulating the blood pressure because of its potassium content.

Cleanses toxins in the body

Regular intake of lemongrass tea could provide effects of detoxification and digestive tract cleanser. It reduces the toxins and free radicals in the body through excessive urination.

It also helps in to cleanse and purify the liver, kidney, bladder, and pancreas that will provide a better function to promote health benefits such as improved blood flow, hormonal and metabolic balance.

Prevents flu infection

It contains a good amount of Vitamin C and also some antibacterial properties that can help improve your immune system and prevent infection from spreading. It could help get rid coughs, fever, colds, and flu symptoms that are the result of some infective viruses.

It also has effects in breaking down mucus and phlegm buildup by killing the bacterial infection. This is essential for people who suffer pulmonary conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases that can alleviate symptoms such as the difficulty in breathing.

Reduces Cancer Risk

According to the research that was conducted at Ben Gurion University in Israel, it has been known that lemongrass tea contains some helpful properties in preventing cancer ailment.

Lemongrass contains a component, Citral, which has the ability to reduce cancer cells without damaging healthy cells through a process called apoptosis.

Lemongrass Tea Recipe

Here are the ingredients and procedure of lemongrass tea to promote health benefits and remedy:

  • 6 stems of lemongrass
  • 6 tablespoons of sugar
  • 8 cups of water
  • Pandan leaves

Properly wash the lemongrass then cut it into smaller parts. Pound the white part of the lemongrass and put it all in a boiling water for 15 minutes. Let it sit until the water receives the essential nutrients from the lemongrass. Heat up the sugar and add a little bit of water (3 tablespoons) until the sugar completely dissolves. Add the pandan leaves to improve its flavor. Let it cool down for a matter of minutes. You can add an ice to make more refreshing to the taste.

Other health benefits of ingesting lemongrass tea:
  • Aids in menstrual cycle
  • Prevents pain on colon cancer
  • Reduces fever
  • Remedy for a cough and fever
  • Soothes up inflammation from rheumatoid and arthritic diseases
  • Reduces nausea
  • Improves the body's immune system
  • Decrease cellulite in the body
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