4 Dangerous Effect Of Stress In your Body's Health

Stress is a state of mental tension and worry because of the problems in your life, work, environment, etc. This state can cause disease be it as a physical, mental, emotional or chemical factor. With all these negativities pertaining to stress, further details why it could be harmful to your body is explained below.


It is a known fact that our body's blood pressure is elevated whenever we feel anxious and stressed which is why stress can cause myocardial infarction or heart attack. Although this might not be medically proven yet, still linking stress with heart problems cannot be denied. And if you are a constant smoker, this will only worsen the situation. If elevated levels of cholesterol are often present if exercise is avoided, then your body is prone to be threatened by stress. One way manage stress so that you can avoid these is to simply have a healthy lifestyle.


Our body's metabolism in the brain is affected by stress. If this process is disturbed and your brain is exhausted then this causes mental illness and depression. Other symptoms manifested by the brain being stressed is frequent anger, irritability, and sudden mood swings, let alone if you are a woman and you are on your monthly period. Brain damage occurs if anxiety is felt more often and stress becomes a chronic condition. This may also result in hormonal imbalance, memory problems and digestive problems which are also associated with sudden weight gain.


Stress affects your reproductive system since it is associated with hormone-related problems. It is a natural contraceptive, as people have believed because it affects the estrogen and testosterone levels in the body which in turn weakens the reproductive chances. Reproduction becomes difficult if people undergoing such is in the state of stress. Changes in the libido, irregular monthly periods, elevated chances of PMS are some of the other effects of stress in the system. Thus, really causing reproductive system.


Stress is undeniably obvious in our skin. Let's start from head to toe. Hair fall is sometimes caused by stress, dark circles around the eyes shows how stressed you are, sagging of the skin and premature aging in the face is obviously seen if you are stressed and acne or pimples, of course, is one the most common manifestation of stress in the face alongside with other areas on the body. If something triggers or an allergy is involved, the skin is in that stressful situation and skin problems may arise.

With this, you can really see how big of an impact stress can do on our body that's why it is better to manage this right away. Start now and be happy! Live life but don't be too careless. Smile!