4 Common Bad Habits That Are Killing Your Brain Cells

Contrary to popular belief, brain cells are continuously generated from neural stem cells in some areas of the brain during adulthood and do not have a limited supply of brain cells. This process is called neurogenesis which provides newly formed neurons occupy the areas in the brain.

In fact, these newly formed cells help in the integration of the surrounding brain tissues in dealing with the function of learning and memory, emotion, stress, depression and other neurological functions.

However, as a human being, there are a lot of factors that cause brain death or cellular brain degeneration due to our lifestyle.

These are the unhealthy behavioral routine and bad habits are usually the cause of brain death:

Sleep Deprivation

Having an adequate sleep and rest is essential for the brain to recover from stress and fatigue from its daily function. It also promotes the function and activity of the brain if it acquired enough time to recuperate from the heavy load of activity to fully restore the energy it has used. It also makes the brain more focused in learning new things while keeping the memory sharp.

If a person deprives his body and brain of having its daily required rest and sleep, the person will make his body and brain deteriorate which will make it lose its function from doing its daily activities.


It is believed that first-hand smoking promotes degeneration of brain cells which affects its function and may also lead to severe complications such as brain damage and stroke.

There is also a study that was published in India which states that there is a compound in cigarettes that is known as NNK which affects the responses of the white blood cells and activates them to destroy healthy brain cells.

It will also affect the systemic function of the body which could definitely lead to the decrease of the oxygen levels in the brain that will slow down its function.


It is badly mistaken that most people believed that alcohol is one of the many factors that are associated with the death of the brain cells. It is also concluded that the alcohol contains chemicals that destroy brain cells.

In fact, getting intoxicated and having a high alcohol level in the blood will result in dehydration and body weakness. This dehydration affects the function of the brain and decreases its the water level. It also affects the function of the hormones in the body known as the vasopressin which is important in retaining the water inside the body.

It is known by most people that the brain is made out of 75% water. If the water level in the brain drops, the brain will increase its temperature to a point that it will result in brain damage and could also provide fatal outcome such as death.


It is ideal for the brain to have its stress level increase to aid in its development and promote its function to a point of self-improvement and adaptability. Dealing with the stress level in the body will cause the brain to enhance its function by concentration and focus.

This problem arises due to hormones such as cortisol which is released from the adrenal gland during challenging and trivial situations that promote a lot of biological processes but increases the load of energy consumption.

But having too much stress makes the brain activate too many hormones in compensating for the excessive stressors in the brain. The backfire from the overworked function of the endocrine glands will result in increased function and overexertion to a point of fatigue which may lead to brain damage and cellular degeneration.

According to a study, people that are engaged in work with chronic stresses might result to excessive brain production of myelin-producing cells which are found in the brain's white matter. The myelin is known as a fatty compound that makes up the brain's white matter which is important for accelerating processing and transferring of signals from one neuron to another. These changes may affect the condition of the mental health illness such as anxiety and schizophrenia.