15 Obvious Hints That Your Partner Is Cheating On You

It is really important to be fully faithful about your loved ones and understand the things they do in order to have a healthy relationship. But do they really have been faithful to you? To avoid a certain heartache and deception, it is needed to stay vigilant about your partner and always check for some hints if they are really still into you or not to avoid dealing with a horrible partner and keep them from your lives.

These are the signs that will help you from getting away from heartaches and to know if your partner really cheats on you:

They rarely show themselves

When your partner most frequently disappears without leaving you a reason or even when you need them the most and only appears when they are in need of something out of from you, it is clear that they are only using you. They are sometimes unreachable and only comes back with an alibi that is out of context. They always act as if nothing even happened. Be vigilant with these type of people.

They are always busy with their phone

You always caught them checking up their phone occasionally even if they are not in their busy time. They avoid picking up calls when they are near with you or hides a text from you. They often get defensive if you check it up on them and calls you paranoid even if you're just curious about them.

They get easily angry and furious

They get annoyed just by seeing you. They always come home with a bad feeling and gets frustrated with you without any reasons why. They always seek a reason to go away from you and just hates to stay longer in the house. If you feel the need to investigate your partner, do it right away and confront them if they are doing anything wrong to you.

Spends too much time in their privacy

They take a lot of time in using the bathroom just to have some privacy on their own. They wanted to be alone and spend their time somewhere else rather than being with you. This might be very illogical but if it really bugs you. Confront them right away and seek for some valid evidence before you make any rash decisions.

They try their best to avoid meaningful conversations

They talk less when you have some private time with them and sometimes when they are with you, they only share uncomfortable silences. They tend to be silent than the usual and only share simple things like their work and the things they do throughout the day. No more deep conversations being shared and sometimes, they only wanted to be alone and leave them be.

Sleeping earlier than before

They always come home super tired and only wants to sleep rather than talk to you. You always caught them easily drained from something else and does not want to get in bed with you. It is a natural thing to do for partners to be intimate at night. But if they want to fall asleep quite often, maybe there's a reason behind it and it is your duty as a partner to look up to it to see if they are cheating or not.

They always want to fight over petty things.

They tend to be so collected and very understanding before but there have been some drastic changes in their personality from some time now. They get easily provoked and furious over some petty things that are very irrelevant to fight over. They always seek some reason to make you depressed and angry. They really have no compassion for the things that they say towards you.

They always want to go out and party a lot.

You always find your partner with somebody else and meets new people. They don't really care anymore about your well-being and wants to go out and be drunk. For them, they only seek happiness over the span of the night rather than being with you.

They ask for something wild

They do not respect you at all. They seek something new and out of context for your relationship. They always seek more pleasure than the usual and sometimes ask you for something so "out of the ordinary" such as threesome or third party sex. They always seek of something explicit on your relationship and gives their unusual opinions about it. It is sometimes a means for cheating in a relationship.

The passion fades

They lose their passion towards you and you feel as if they love somebody else. They tend to give less attention towards you and doesn't care for you and your well-being. Both you always fight and end up on hating each other every time.

They don't appreciate you anymore

Even if you spend so much time and effort looking good for your partner and does not appreciate it anymore, maybe they have found someone else who they spend much more time with. Even a small praise or appreciation matters. If this bothers you, maybe you need to seek and sort things out by simply looking for an evidence that will tell if they're cheating or not.

They always check out other people even if you're with them

They are casual about eyeing other girls even if you are around. It is always a form of cheating and must be confronted with your partner.

Flirts around when you are with them

Being committed means that you must not be flirting with other people. It is best to leave these types of people because they are not satisfied and loyal with you. You deserve so much better than being with these type of people.

They get suspiciously happy about something else

You notice your partner happier and satisfied without you. It is essential in a relationship to have an understanding and connection and must provide each other need. But if there is a space in between and your partner gets happier being apart from you, it is best to avoid them and save yourself from the trouble of more heartache.

They try new things and hobbies which exclude you from all of it

You notice that they are busier than the usual that does a lot of new things and hobbies. They always leave you an alibi about the things they do in their daily life which makes you very doubtful. They always go to new places which you don't know are rarely seen as if they are hiding something from you.

In these type of age, it is very critical to know your partner very well and see to it that if they are loyal to you or not. Share this with your friends to make them aware!