11 Everyday Habits That Damages Body and Health Without Us Even Knowing

It is significant to know your daily habits that define every detail on the things you do to your life. Sometimes, this habits may cause some imbalances to your health and eventually may lead to serious illness.

These common activities that most people usually do are sometimes detrimental if these are abusing one's health. Having a balance of work and active lifestyle is essential for maintaining a regulated daily habits.

Here are the usual unhealthy habits which most common people do in their daily lifestyle:

Prolonged Sitting

Most people's line of work is usually associated with prolonged sitting. Sitting for a long period of hours may result in improper bio-mechanics and unhealthy lifestyle due to the stress on the buttocks and lower extremity. This position could also affect the flow of blood supply in the body which contributes to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Unclean kitchen room

One of the unhealthiest parts of the house is the kitchen. It is usually the breeding ground for the harmful bacteria which is cultivated in the wet sponges and towels that are being used in the kitchen. It is advised to use a cleaning agent that could destroy most of the bacteria to avoid spreading infection. It is also advisable to microwave the towels or boiling them in hot water for infection control.

Water hydration

It is advisable to drink the right amount of water daily to prevent the body from dehydration and keep it from potassium and sodium imbalance. But if you are taking too much water excessively, it may result from too much sodium in the blood and increased interstitial fluids in the cell which causes metabolic disturbances in the body. Drinking eight glasses of water daily would suffice for the body to maintain adequate hydration for the body to function at its optimum and balanced level.

Brushing teeth

Brushing your teeth excessively might wear off enamel of the teeth and damage the gums. Brushing for a matter of 2 minutes is enough to keep the teeth clean.

Eating snacks

Refrain from eating excessive snacks and food that could cause an increase in weight and also food that has high levels of salt and sugar. These foods have less nutritional benefits and could only harm your health.


Excessive use of smartphones could induce harm and radiation to our body. They must be used less frequently and appropriately to keep your body safe from the aftereffects of these gadgets. These phones could also trigger an increase in the activity of the brain at night which gives some people the difficulty to fall asleep.


Too much television could be very detrimental to your body. It could also reduce the time for you to have rest and adequate sleep. Some also refrain from eating snacks and drinking alcoholic beverages while watching TV which is a bad habit for most people.


Too much intake of vitamins could induce hypervitaminosis which is an overdose of vitamin levels. These could promote metabolic imbalances and unhealthy lifestyle. Overdose in vitamins could also provide serious health illness in the liver.

Skipping breakfast

Most people often skip breakfast to avoid getting late to their daily work and class. They often spend a quick break by taking coffee even though they have not eaten any meals. This only promotes unhealthy lifestyle due to reduced nutrition that the body needs. This could also trigger the release of excessive stomach acids which may end up an injury to the stomach linings.

Sleeping in

Most people sleep on weekends and deprive themselves of sleep during weekdays where they usually put their time on work. This habit is very detrimental to one's health for it will give them imbalance to their body and alter their sleep-wake rhythm. It is sometimes accompanied with generalized body fatigue and headache.

Sleeping on your side or in stomach

Many of us prefer sleeping in a position we fall asleep better in. However, this habit can cause different health issues, some of them quite serious if not addressed in a timely manner. When you sleep on your side, in the so-called foetal position, you prevent your diaphragm from moving freely, which causes various issues, including back pain and lung problems. Sleeping on your stomach is, in its turn, even more dangerous as it puts pressure on all of your organs, leading in the long run to nerve damage and heart issues. 

That leaves sleeping on your back, which is best because it is the most natural of the three. The only case where you should avoid this position is if you suffer from sleep apnea.