10 Situations You Should Never Ignore If You Want To Keep Your Relationship Healthy

Most people usually don't really notice the things they do within their relationship not because they don’t show their affection and love but sometimes they just don’t have really give them all attention and might affect your judgments in life.

Deal with these situations accordingly to help you get through these trials:

They don't care about their future with you

They don't usually plan on the things they want in their life while having you as their partner. Having an uncertain partner in your life to spend your future with is really inappropriate to be with.

They are inconsistent with you

Being late in your date or planned meetups are really forgivable in dealing in your relationship. But if your partner is always inconsistent in keeping up with you, it is really a bad sign that they are unwilling to keep you as their utmost priority. Make sure that are willing to commit to you in a way that they prioritize and care for your time.

They tend to vanish most of the time

It is really frustrating for a person to wait for the ones they love hopelessly. Letting them down when they need you the most is a painful thing to experience. Better let them know that you are unavailable instead of making them expect things from you.

They hide things from you

They sometimes hide and goes away to find privacy on their own. They keep their messages on their phone out of your sight. But when you ask who they’re talking to or what they want from you, they tend to get angry and lose their patience.

They don't have special attention for you

They don't give too much attention towards you on their free time. When its New Year, Christmas, or Valentine’s day, it seems like it is just an ordinary day for them. They only seek your attention when they need something out from you.

They don't want to mingle with your friends

They always say no to you when you arrange a group meet up with your friends. They always have an excuse for you or often get angry towards you. They always say a mouthful of words that could hurt you and tells you to avoid your friends.

They always blame their failures towards somebody else

They always blame you for their failures and connect all his mistakes towards you even though you have nothing to do with all of it. Instead of aiming for getting improvements and making their-selves better, they always point you out with all their fault.

They don't seek their well-being

If they can’t keep their-selves healthy and doesn't care for their well-being, they also couldn’t maintain their care towards you. They neglect the things that matter and does not want to give so much attention as if they just want to give up.

They are not ready to commit

It is one of the most significant things that need to be known in order for you to acknowledge your relationship. Having them to commit fully to you makes it clear that they are really faithful and wants you to be their partner.

They don't love you anymore

You always find them avoiding you and always feel like they don't want your care and attention. Even though they tend to be there, you feel like they keep on pretending that they love you and doesn’t want to care at all of your efforts.

Noticing these things in your relationship must be given a real-time for contemplating and seeking guidance to advise you on what will be best for you.

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source: brightside.me