They Itch And Bleed? Treat Your Hemorrhoids With These Natural Treatment and Solution!

One of the common medical problems of many people are hemorrhoids that are quite painful and uncomfortable. It is an inflamed vessel which is located inside or outside of the anus lower rectum which is getting worst over time because of a certain number of unhealthy reasons.

Human's body today are very prone to different disease and illnesses, one of the causes of this health issues is our lifestyle, we can't ignore the fact that we live in a sedentary life, the food that we intake today don't have the sufficient amount of fibers and the fast living pace giving us a hard time to perform at least a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise a day.

Our lifestyle is one of the main cause of this chronic constipation which leads to hemorrhoids. This condition gives a lot of uncomfortable feeling the whole day, the person who is experiencing this type of condition will suffer from pain during pooping accompanied with blood, it also give's the patience an itching and tingling feeling.

This type of condition shouldn't be ignored because if left uneaten, it can lead to serious complications that I'm sure you wouldn't want to happen.

One of the main solution to get rid of this condition is to ask for the medical assistance of your doctor, but if you are a little bit shy to reveal this problem because it includes some private part of your body, then you can always try an all natural alternative ways to treat it.

Here are some of the effective natural treatment for hemorrhoids and to ease the pain and discomfort quickly.

Cold Baths 

To get rid of this condition, one of the best things that you should do before you go to work or school, or before you sleep at night, all you need to do is get a cold bath. Just fill up the tub and add some sea salt on it. Soak the affected area for about 15 minutes or you can also apply some cold compress directly to the affected area of your anal part.

This method can dramatically reduce the swelling and itching of your hemorrhoids and will fade out eventually later as you continue this process together with the other natural treatment below.


Another great remedy to add to your cold bath is the garlic remedy. All you need to do is to take a few garlic cloves. Start grinding while pouring some coconut oil or olive oil. Put the mixture in the fridge and wait until it frozen. Apply the frozen mixture on the affected area, it's a little bit uncomfortable at first, but you will feel relieved after a few minutes, you will see the result more quickly if you do this method more often until your hemorrhoids disappear.

Change Under Wear More Often

Make sure that you use a 100 percent cotton underwear so that your skin can breathe. Always bring an extra underwear so that if it bleeds you can easily change it to avoid any infection that can lead to the worst condition of your hemorrhoids.

Consult your doctor if persist

If you notice that it is still there for a long period of time, you already have no choice but to consult your doctor already for medical advice and treatment.

Always keep in mind that to avoid this condition you should take a lot of water, eat more foods with high amount of fiber and make sure to be more physically active every day.

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