These Symptoms Are Telling You That You Will Suffer From Liver Failure ~ Here's How To Prevent It From Happening!

It has for some people to have a less functioning organ to stay healthy and have a good long life. A life-threatening condition such as liver failure is a serious health concern.

The liver organ that is damaged and ceases its function could induce a systemic setback and gross complication of other normal functioning organ system. This liver failure gradually develops over years but some rare cases happen on a rapid onset in just a number of hours.

Almost 36,000 people per year die in the United States because of the chronic liver disease according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

These are the causes of having Chronic Liver Failure:

- Hepatitis B
- Hepatitis C
- Excessive Alcohol Consumption
- Liver Cirrhosis
- Hemochromatosis
- Malnutrition and Immunocompromisation

These are the causes of having Acute Liver Failure:

- Acetaminophen overdose
- Liver Infection and Viruses
- Adverse Reaction To Medication
- Increased Liver Toxicity
- Ingestion of poison and toxin
- Vascular Diseases In The Liver
- Metabolic Diseases
- Cancer and Tumor

It is a precautionary measure to know the symptoms of liver dysfunction while it is on its preliminary onset to prevent worsening of the condition:

- Nausea/Dizziness
- Loss of appetite
- Fatigue
- Diarrhea
- Increased Blood Sugar Level

As liver failure progresses, these set of symptoms arises and must require an immediate medical attention. These are the symptoms:

- Jaundice/Yellow Stains In The Skin
- Easy Bruising or Decreased Wound Healing
- Abdominal Swelling
- Disorientation or Confusion
- Drowsiness and Decreased Spatial Awareness
- Severe Cases Include Coma
- Death Due To Hypoglycemic Shock

Treatment and Prevention

If the extent of the liver dysfunction is too grave and severe systemic dysfunction affects the overall health, It is advised to have a liver transplant but sometimes they are usually successful.

To prevent symptoms of liver dysfunction, it is important to know the risks of developing liver cirrhosis or hepatitis by having a vaccination or eating the right amount of nutritious diet.

It is also important to decrease alcohol intake which is the primary risk factor for liver failure.

It is also important to have a proper hygiene to prevent hepatitis infection such as using protection while having sex or avoiding other people's body fluids.

It is also advised to take precaution when consuming your medication to prevent liver intoxication.

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