These are the Important Habits that you Should Practice Before Going to Bed To Have a Good Sleep and Healthy Body!

To maintain a healthy lifestyle we should have enough sleep every day.  Enough sleep is very important to rebuild the damaged inside our body and recharges our energy as well.

The repair of cells and tissues in our body happens during rest or when we sleep. Lack of sleep contributes and trigger different kind of diseases like high blood pressure, stroke, heart disease, etc. It will lead to incapacity to fight against these diseases if our bodies cells and tissues did not regenerate.

If you experienced persistent sleeping difficulties, you must read and start avoiding these bad habits that are affecting your health.

1. Avoid drinking a lot of water before going to bed because it will interrupt your good sleep by going to the comfort room from time to time. It will also give you headaches and difficulties to go back to sleep.

2. Train yourself by making your schedule time for your sleep in order for your body to be familiarized on what time you should usually take a rest. Sleeping anytime of the day is not good because it will confuse your brain causing trouble in your scheduled time for your sleep.

3. Avoid eating before going to bed because the digestion process of food will keep you awake. If the digestion process didn't go well, it can cause stomach ache or a bloated feeling.

4. It is important to choose the right alarm clock and set its time properly because if it's too big and bright our brain will be distracted and will signal us to take more sleep. So, choose a high-quality alarm clock that has a dimmer light.

5. Keep away your gadgets such as laptops, smartphones beside you if you plan to have a good sleep. It's light, notification sound and vibration will keep your brain conscious and alert every now and then.

6. Prepare a blanket beside you so that you can grab it right away and cover yourself when you feel cold. Wearing socks during the rainy season is also helpful for you to feel warm and sleep continuously.

7.  Be sure that your bed is comfortable to have a good sleep. You must keep your beddings, pillows, sheets, blanket as clean and comfy as possible. If not you will feel itchy or irritated. So do it to attain those sweet dreams.

8. Figure out on which side you are comfortable to sleep but is it advised to sleep on your side rather than your back or stomach.

9. Avoid reading books before going to bed because it will not make you sleep faster. The urge of finishing what you are reading will keep your body and mind awake especially when the content of the book is scary or intense. It will make you more awake. Try to read your book earlier than the usual.

10.  Taking a shower, washing your face and brushing your teeth is perfect to have a sweet sleep. It will give comfy feeling preparing you for a good sleep.

11. Avoid drinking coffee at least 4 hours before sleep because contents of caffeine will boost the metabolism and will keep you awake for a longer time.

12. Stretching 3 to 4 hours before sleep is helpful giving you a relaxing feeling and freshen up yourself to hit that sweet sleep.