These Are The Best and Effective Love Making Position to Get a Higher Chance of Conceiving a Baby

There are many married couples who are struggling in getting their first baby because of Some reason like the woman is underweight or overweight that might a hindrance of getting a baby. First and foremost that it is important not to give up and think much. There will be always a solution's for every problem. 

It is also important to think that you are not alone in this kind of problem, there are also many couples who are facing the same issue you are facing right now. The only thing that you need to remember and analyze right now is to fix the problem.

If you already consulted your doctor for an advice and still nothing is happening, you can try this following position that is proven and tested to have a higher percentage of getting pregnant because of this position. Many couples have already tried it some have success but some have failed, but nothing will lose to you if you try it, maybe you already made some of this may some are not. So here are the position which is very effective to get a higher percentage of getting pregnant.


This position could be your golden ticket to getting pregnant with a baby girl. Many people believed that missionary is the best position to conceive a baby girl. Sperm with the X-chromosome or the female sperm travel slower and can survive up to five days. It may not be one of the most exciting positions but this position is one of the best for having a baby.

How to do it? 
  1. Lie on your back with your man on top of you as he penetrates. 
  2. Place a Pillow below your hips to help improve your chances of getting pregnant. 
The Glowing Triangle

This position helps in increasing the depth of the penetration and help's tilt the woman's pelvis upwards. This may be similar to the missionary position, but it's slightly different. The ladies will do all the movement and it will give you a much deeper penetration, deeper penetration more chances of getting pregnant.

How to do it?
  1. Lie down with your man on top. 
  2. He has his legs extended outwards and holds up his body with hands. 
  3. Raise your hips and lock your legs around the waist. 
  4. This help to have a deeper penetration. 

The Butterfly

The butterfly is good in tilting penetration. which the woman lies on her back on a flat surface. This position needed a higher table or bed so the man will get the force to go deeper. This is one of the positions that you can do outside of your bedroom.

How to do it?
  1. Lie on your back and raise on your legs. 
  2. The man penetrates as your legs are raised. 
  3. This position will help deeper the penetration and will get you higher chances of getting pregnant. 
  4. This position will also help in stimulating your G-Spot. 
The mentioned position is one of the best strategies to have a successful pregnancy for many couples, but it is not 100 percent working it always depends on the situation and the problem that you need to know. The best to get an accurate result is to visit your doctor and ask for advice.