These are The 4 Uncommon Signs of Colon Cancer that Many People Accidentally Ignore

Cancer is a serious illness arising nowadays, one of them is Colon Cancer. This type of cancer exists in the gastrointestinal tract that usually starts with an adenoma that leads to cancer.

According to the latest colorectal cancer statistic that an increase of new colon cancer patients has been listed for an estimated number of 95,520.

The cure for cancer has not been found yet, and many cancer patients are still hoping to find the cure for this deadly disease, but still leaving them hopeless and gives them a limited time only to live. Just like other diseases, cancer has its own symptoms and these symptoms are commonly ignored by many people which give them a shocking revelation later on telling that they are already in a critical stage of cancer.

That's why we should be aware of these uncommon signs of colon cancer that are commonly misdiagnosed by many.

Here are the most uncommon symptoms of Colon Cancer, and ways to decrease the risk of having this disease:

A sudden change in weight 

This symptom is described as a decrease in weight for at least 5% of the body weight. Cancer cells affect our immune system thus affecting body weight.

Irregular Bowel movement

colon polyps or colon adenoma will be developed into a tumor or cancer that eventually affects the large intestine and lead to changes in stool. It could lead to Hematochezia (rectal bleeding) and also stool in the rectum doesn't empty completely. Constipation or diarrhea could also last for four weeks or more.

Abdominal discomfort (pain, cramps)

This symptom of colon cancer is usually ignored because people think it is just a common health issue and not really a sign of cancer. Abdominal cramps that last for a longer time and too painful is not normal anymore. You should see your doctor right away.

Fatigue or feeling of weakness

people with lack of sleep usually result in fatigue. According to the medical experts, cancer and extreme fatigue are related because cancer cells use the energy of our body.

Usually, during the early stage of Colon Cancer, there are no symptoms yet but when symptoms appear Cancer is most likely vary on size and location in the large intestine.

How to lessen the risk of having Colon Cancer?

- Eat plenty of healthy foods rich in fiber like fruits, vegetables, and grains
- Exercise regularly
- Avoid smoking
- Manage weight or maintain your weight
- Avoid or limit the consumption of alcohol