These Are The 10 Health Conditions Related To Your Finger Nails!

Do you notice the light area at the base of your fingernails? These are lunulae which are the whitish crescent-shaped mark in the root of the nail. It is the delicate part of the nail and it is responsible for nail regeneration. If the lunula is damage, it could provide permanent deformity on the nail.

But more importantly, the lunula's variation in color, shape, or size can indicate a presence of a disease and also the nature of it.

This will aid you to be more aware and prone on the underlying sickness which is related to the lunula.

Here are the underlying health related condition on the fingernails:


Little Finger

It is usually unnoticeable because of its size. It is connected to the kidney function, small intestine, and cardiac muscle. An increase in the size of the lunula is also a result of high blood pressure level.

Ring Finger

The lunula on this ring finger is responsible for the function of the reproductive organ and lymphatics. It is also connected to indigestion problems

Middle Finger

This is usually connected to the workload of the brain and cardiovascular integrity. The absence of the lunula could also indicate a vascular condition and high blood pressure.

Index Finger

This is usually related to the intestine, pancreas and some chronic E.N.T. condition.

Thumb Finger

This is usually related to the lung integrity and spleen function. Smokers have a smaller lunula on the thumb yet it is usually bigger when having arterial hypertension.

They also indicate problems with the cardiovascular system, heartbeat disruption, and low blood pressure on large lunula.

Change In Lunula Color

Gray Lunula

It indicate severe fatigue, indigestion, and possible complication in nutrient absorption.

White Lunula

These are the healthy and natural condition of the fingernails.

Purple Lunula

It is a sign of poor blood cycle which induce a lack of tissue and organ oxygenation.

Pink Lunula

This indicates sedentary lifestyle and decreased lung function.

Black Lunula

This is usually dead nail or tissue. It is a dangerous sign which may be associated with metal poisoning.