Never Ignore These 7 Bad Habits That Can Damage Your Brain And Could Lead To Alzheimer's and Other Brain Issues!

Our brain is one of the important organs of our body, it is the main control of our body who order and conduct the process of action. It also regulates homeostatic functions such as fluid, balance, blood pressure, body temperature, hormonal balance, and heart beats.

Without our brain, we are a living dead, because our brain is the main responsible for our learning, memory, human emotions, movement and over all health.

There are many factors that can damage the brain and according to various scientific studies that one of the main caused of brain damage is the unhealthy lifestyle of a person. Development of degenerative diseases and several other conditions are expected if you continue your unhealthy lifestyles.

Changing your lifestyle by doing some positive activities such as eating a healthy diet, everyday physical exercise can increase the performance of your brain and make it healthier every day.

Therefore if you want to have a healthy brain, and make it turn into its top performance to help you with your daily activity, then, avoid these 7 unhealthy habits that can give negatively effect and impact to your brain.

Loneliness or boredom

Lack of intellectual connection with other habits that you usually perform can bring a big negative impact on your brain and could lead to a decline in the flexibility of your brain.

Not eating breakfast 

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it is the source of your energy to start your day. If you continued ignoring breakfast there will be big possibilities that you will lose the best part where your body requires most of the energy and nutrients.

The absence of breakfast in your daily routine can lead to slow down of metabolism that could lead to brain shut down and lack of alertness and awareness.


Good eating habit is actually good to your body but if you eat too much, this might cause you unhealthy body or can lead to excess fat or obesity. Too much consumption of food which is not required of our body can lead to accumulation of residual substances in the form of fats and hardening of the cerebral arteries, which give a big impact on the functioning of body organs including the proper brain function.

Another thing is if you eat too much food with high amount of calorie can lead to memory loss. 

Too much alcohol intake

Another habit that can damage the brain is an excessive intake of alcohol that usually leads to difficulty in walking, blurred vision, slowed reaction, slurred speech, and impaired memory. These symptoms can immediately detect after a one to two bottles of alcoholic drink. 

Alcoholism can also kill brain neurons and decreases the speed with which nerve impulses are transmitted. It can also give a negative effect to other organs such as nervous system, liver, and heart that can impact the chemical reaction that takes place to the brain.

Sleep deprivation

Lack of sleep is one of the main cause of brain damage because it affects the performance of the brain which includes the storing of memories and removing toxins.

Having complete sleep means you are going to be healthy as well as gets the best performance of your brain.


Neuronal viability, as well as cell membranes that can be found in the inner part of the mid-brain, can actually damage by smoking. This part of the brain is assigned in both gross and fine motor functions.

Making your decision to stop smoking and eating healthy food can reverse all the bad effects.

High intake of sugar

Too much consumption of food with high amount of sugar can lead to Alzheimer's disease. It can also affect and trigger the changes of hippo-campus where the brain process the memory and stress.