Narito ang Benepisyo ng PakikipagTalik ng mga Buntis sa Kanilang partner o Asawa. Basahin Dito.

The most wonderful time is when you become a mother. Having a child is a gift sent from Heaven. But some women see pregnancy as pain that they must carry for nine months.

Pregnancy is not that easy, carrying a child for nine months can cause stress, there are some ways to relieve this stress. One way to relieve this stress is to involve in a sexual activity to release stress and change it temporarily with pleasure, yes! you heard it right, sexual activity with your partner will not harm the baby or the pregnant woman. Instead, this activity can provide strength and support the muscles that are needed during labor and after the delivery of the child.

Here are some of the benefits and effects of having sexual activity during the entire pregnancy:

1. It lowers blood pressure

During sex, there is a hormone that is being released called oxytocin that lowers stress levels. It also releases the tensions and keeps your blood pressure low. Sexual activity with your partner can make you feel relaxed and lower the risk of heart problems.

2. It gives you a good sleep

A pregnant woman will experience some pain like back and neck pain and frequent urination that will make you visit the comfort room often. As the fetus grows in their womb they will experience a short period of sleep or interrupted sleeping hours. Sexual activity can induce orgasms that will help a pregnant woman feel relaxed and get a good sleep.

3. It increases Intimacy.

Pregnancy should not break the romance or intimacy between a husband and wife. Sexual activity should not be avoided instead, it increases the intimacy between a couple because during pregnancy oxytocin level is high. This hormone will boost their intimacy that will make them feel more bond and get closer to each other.

4. It reduces pain

During pregnancy, some hormones are activated like progesterone, estrogen, and prolactin that improves lubrication, sensitivity, and blood flow in the pelvic area thus reducing pain.