If You Want To Live Longer, Then Limit The Use Of These Things and Avoid These Unhealthy Habits That Can Damage Your Health! Must Read!

It is essential for everyone to limit their vices or remove it from our lifestyle to improve our health and diminish harm to our bodies.

Here are the ways that you need to reduce to improve your lifestyle and to reduce abuse to your health.

Limit the use of perfumes

These substances have compounds that could cause dizziness and nausea to most people. These things could cause irritation on the mouth, eyes, and skin which is detrimental to your health condition. It is better to use natural oils which do not have toxins and synthetic substances that could induce side effects.

Avoid using smartphones before going to sleep

Smartphones emit radiation that could suppress melatonin production which is a hormone that regulates sleep-wake cycle of the body. Having a low melatonin level could induce depression, weight imbalance, cancer, decreased immunity and heart problems. It is better to sleep early instead of using smartphones to enhance a healthy lifestyle.

Avoid putting food in plastic bags

Plastic bags might contain chemical compounds which could be poisonous or toxic to our body. These compounds could contaminate the food inside the plastic bag. These compounds affect primarily the endocrine and the pulmonary system. It is better to store food in containers made of ceramic, glass, stainless steel cover.

Avoid brushing teeth immediately after eating

It has been recommended to brush the teeth at least 30 minutes after eating because of the food that we ingest might trigger an acidic reaction with the toothpaste we used.

Limit the use antibacterial soaps

Thousands of bacteria are living on the surface of our skin which plays an important role in preventing harmful bacteria to enter our body. It is not advised to use antibacterial soaps daily because of it totally sterilizes the skin until it creates a space for the harmful bacteria to enter the body.

Limit the use of tight pants

Tight pants could compress the skin and the nerve in our legs. The discomfort that it produces may induce dysfunction in the nerve conduction and skin irritation. Blood flow might also get affected and oxygenation in tissues of the legs might be occluded.

Limit ingesting freshly squeezed juice

Freshly squeezed juices are only good in small amounts such as lemon, grape, and apple juice. These contain high sugar level which is bad if taken in large amounts. Although they are healthy and good for the body, they must be taken with precaution.

Having a limitation on most of our vices and lifestyle could be hard but these habits will enhance your health. Share this article!