Here's How To Stop Tachycardia With These 2 Effective Methods. Find Out How!

Have you ever felt your heart stomping so fast in your chest? This condition is called tachycardia where the heart is beating at an increased rate.

Here are the methods to cool down a fast beating heart:

Deep Immersion

This method will make your body temperature drop and will affect the heart beat to slow down. The body will react to this systemic response to the cold environment in the water immersion which will make the heart beat slower.

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These are the following steps to do a deep water immersion

Firstly, provide a deep container or tub to pour in a cold water. You can apply ice to make it colder. Immerse your body until the water is above the heart level. Lastly, take a deep breath and dip your whole head into the water for several seconds. This method will be effective to cool down your body temperature.

Valsalva Maneuver

Holding your breath for several seconds could affect the vagal nerve conduction which controls the heart rate.

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This technique is performed by taking a deep breath and holding your abdominal muscles inward for 7 seconds. Do a controlled breathing with slow inhalation intervals through your nose and long exhalations through your mouth. Repeat this method 3-4 times until the heartbeat rate gets slower.

This practice should NOT be done if the tachycardia is portrayed with severe chest pain or a feeling of apnea where the person is having difficulty in breathing. It is best to call an ambulance or seek a medical aid if symptoms like these arise.

It is normal to have a tachycardia after doing a strenuous exercise or hard work which requires the heart to pump much harder and faster to accommodate the body to circulate more blood and oxygen. But if the condition occurs without any obvious external cause, the tachycardia might be a severe symptom of the underlying illness and must be checked with your medical doctor.

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