Here's The Effect In Your Body If You Drink Beer Everyday!

It is widely believed that only strong alcohol is dangerous for your health. As for beer, it’s just a mild beverage and absolutely harmless but if you take it everyday it could be harm your body and health.

Effects of alcohol after consumption within 24 Hours in the body:

After 20 minutes of consumption:

A person might feel a little bit of light-headedness, euphoria, arousal, and other happy feelings.

After 1 and a half hours of consumption:

A person could affect his body hydration, frequent urination, and drowsy feeling.

After 24 hours of consumption:

A person could be in a state of a hangover which they could feel a severe headache, dizziness, thirst, weakness, and tremors.

The effects of daily consumption of beer could induce severe health disorder. It could affect primarily the gastric lining in the stomach and decrease its function to produce gastric juice which is responsible for the digestion of food. Conditions such as gastritis, constipation, mood disorder, and bloating might be experienced due to a daily alcohol intake.

They could also develop severe cases such as hepatitis and liver cirrhosis because of the frequent damage to the kidney and liver.

Because of the dysfunction of the systemic water balance in the body, a result of generalized weakness and decreased function of the immune system might be felt.

The cardiovascular function could also be affected as a result of alcohol intake. Because of the bad cholesterol and fat accumulation on the blood vessel, the blood flow in the heart could be disrupted. Possible symptoms of arrhythmia and high blood pressure could be the result of continuous intake of alcohol. In severe cases, this could lead to coronary heart disease and may eventually lead to stroke.

Alcohol could also decrease the function of the pancreas and disrupt the natural process of breaking down of nutrients because it inhibits the production of hormones which are responsible for it. Severe cases could induce pancreatitis.

It could also affect the function of the endocrine system that could alter the production of hormones which would suppress the release of testosterone in men. In women, ovarian dysfunction and infertility are observed.

It is advised to take alcohol in moderation to prevent this from happening.

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