Here are the Things That You Should Avoid If Your Blood Type Is O To Prevent You From Getting Dangerous Diseases

Having a blood type O, a universal blood donor, has a huge importance in the society because they are more productive and robust in their field of expertise.

They are the most common blood type and therefore they are the most needed by most people who are needing a blood for healthcare services. They are also a bit controllable and over reactive when they get contested but also could get enraged when pushed to their limits.

People who have this blood type has a very well-improved ability to digest foods that hold both protein and fat because of the enzymes such as lipoproteins and alkaline phosphatases in the stomach of the persons who have blood type O are much higher compared to other blood types.

These digestive traits have an upper hand in which they are greatly improved to metabolize animal products more efficiently. They also have the ability to absorb more calcium in the body and heal their digestive tract better than the other blood types.

In Japan, it was concluded in a study the correlation between blood type and the kind of character that one person possesses.

That certain disposition of a person with blood type O possess is the person who is more fun to be with and most people like to hang around with.

Most people who have this kind of blood type are more prone to diseases such as stomach ulcer and thyroid dysfunction or anomaly.

It is because of low thyroid hormone and insufficient iodine levels which regulate thyroid hormones levels. Obesity, fluid retention, and fatigue.

Things to avoid:

1,) Avoid taking caffeine and alcohol
2.) Prevent infection and contamination
3.) Inadequate exercise.
4.) Negativity

It is said that these are the needed to improve one's life and become more productive.

People with a blood type O must eat fresh foods such as a high-protein diet with lots of vegetables but they must avoid eating legumes, grains, and dairy in order to have more energy to become productive in the society.

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