Here are The Other Common Reasons That Could Lead To a Missed and Irregular Period Aside from Pregnancy

Some women are getting hysterical and tense when they missed they period especially those who are active in a sexual relationship but not ready to become a parent.

Having a missed menstrual period is not all about pregnancy, it may also because of your daily habits that affect your menstrual cycle. Many women today are having trouble because of this conditions and giving them thousand of thoughts in their mind with a lot of questions.

However, you must be aware that late menstrual period is not all about pregnancy, but also with these following habits of yours that make your period missed.


Stress is one of the reasons that make a woman's period delayed. Stress has a strong hold against your hormones. It also affects your hypothalamus which is a part of the brain and this is happening when you are in too much stress.

If you have many loads in the office or ongoing problems that are not yet solved, then, don't be shocked if you notice that your period is already late.

Thyroid Inactivity

Your hormones will be affected if your thyroid glands are not in good conditions or not properly working. The overactive also called as hyperthyroidism or the underactive, also known as hypothyroidism can affect your menstrual cycle that leads to missed period.

Sudden Weight Change

Sudden unexpected loss or gain of weight can affect the balance of your hormones that can also affect your ovulation. When this happens it will result to missed menstrual period.

Birth Control

Excessive usage of birth control may affect your menstrual cycle that could lead to missed period. It will also take some time to regulate your periods accordingly. Contraceptive implant or injections may lead to delayed or missed menstrual periods.


A sudden change in medication can lead to an imbalance of the hormones since there are a lot of numerous medicines today that come up with hormones. This happening may result to delayed or missed menstrual periods.


If you are sick at the time of your ovulation then the chance of missing your period is high.

Extreme Exercise

Excessive workout or exercises every day can affect your hormone balance that could lead to missed period. If you are new to a gym, don't force your self too much to avoid this unwanted conditions for many women.