Nagigising ka ba Gabi- Gabi ng Parehong Oras ? Narito ang mga Oras at Rason Kung bakit Kayo Nagigising. Basahin dito.

The human body is designed to have a systemic function on the inside which is maintained by a myriad of cellular activities and chemical reactions. As well as the physical health, the well being of a human body is directly connected with the spiritual health and is really important for the body's lifestyle.

The traditional Chinese practice of medicine mainly pays attention to the energy patterns of human behavior and how it moves in some parts of the body from time to time. Within the span of the day, the body induces these energies to facilitate in different organs in a different set of time.

Have you ever been constantly waking up in a particular set of time of the night and wonder it happens to you for almost a long period of time? It has been said that your energy may be misdirected or blocked according to the traditional Chinese medicine which disrupts the nature of bodily cycle and internal balance.

It has been said that the organs need a lot of energy in order for them to function on their utmost optimal state and induce cellular healing/recovery.

These passages of energy which are blocked should be viewed within the physical aspect of the person and as well as their emotional feeling. These should be definitely reviewed to prevent worsening of the symptoms and got a better diagnosis of the condition.

9 pm – 11 pm

This is the usual time for an average person where they try to fall asleep. But most people didn't know that this is the exact time for the endocrines system to optimize itself to maintain internal balance and the enzyme function.

The one that balances the body metabolism and hormone activity is the endocrine system. If someone is having problem with falling asleep at this set of time

The endocrine system is the one that balances the metabolism and the hormones. If you have trouble falling asleep at this time, you could be in a flight mode.

Consuming food late in the day or food that needs a longer time for the stomach to digest which may be the reason why there is blockage in the pathway of energy in the body.

11 pm – 1 am

Waking up occasionally at this specific set of time may mean that there are resentments that you carry. This is the time of the night where yang energy fills your body which is the counter part of yin which depicted as good energy.

The yang energy is a very active emotional energy which is usually stored in the body which will be used for the following day. It is best to calm your body to convert this energy by reinforcing your emotion through thoughts of love and appreciation.

It is also directed to gallbladder activity which breaks down fat soluble in the body. Consuming too many unhealthy fats may result in disruption of the physical state of the body and could also alter the flow of energy on the inside.

1 am – 3 am

It is a delicate time for the body to renew itself from the inside and detoxify the body from the toxins which are accumulated from stress and work. It is also the time when the body creates new blood to cycle the body and also liver recovery functions for the following day.

It is also an indication of anger and frustration when waking up in this particular set of time. It is essential to listen to your body's activity to improve function and does avoid unnecessary complication or worsening of the condition.

3 am – 5 am 

At this particular set of time, the lungs are under repair and the body improves its oxygen flow to the tissue.

If you are waking up in this set of time, it is advised to have some cardio exercises and improve breathing. It is also directly connected with grief and sadness.

5 am – 7 am 

It is he most common time where all of us must wake up to prepare for our daily activities. This is also the time where the body has accumulated all the toxins and metabolized for it to be thrown out from the inside.