6 Signs and Symptoms Telling You That Your Body Is In Danger and Needs More Water!

Many people today are not drinking enough water instead they prefer on drinking more on soda, juice, energy drinks, coffee, and caffeinated drinks which they make this as a substitute with the water not knowing that taking these drinks especially drinks with a high caffeinated content can actually dehydrate the body.

Our body won't survive without water, and the role of water as a reactant in our body is very important, it only means that any reactions and processes that happening within our entire body require water to function well.

Lack of liquid in the body can produce various health issues that can affect our daily activities. Our body has its own way of telling us if something wrong is happening in our body, that's why we should keep in our mind that we should not take for granted the unusual things that are happening to our body.

If you continue the habit of not drinking the enough amount of water every day, then these things will happen to you more often telling you that your body has an insufficient amount of water that can lead to fatal illnesses.

Here are the signs telling that you have an insufficient amount of water in your body:

Dry Skin

If you notice that your skin is always dry even you always use a lot of skin care products such as creams and moisturizers then it only means that your body is begging for more water. So, to enjoy a healthy, smooth and soft skin, drink a glass of water every hour.

Rarely Urination

If you notice that you only urinate 2 times a day, then it only means that you need to take a lot of water. This process is very important to our body because it is the only way to remove the impurities within our liver. Taking this situation for granted can cause severe complication to the liver.


One of the main causes of headaches is dehydration. It only means that you have an insufficient amount of water that flows all over your body. A headache caused by dehydration will get even worse if you move. Drink a lot of water at least 8 glass of water a day to get rid of your frequent headaches.

Color changes of urine

An often changes of urine color is another sign telling you that you have an insufficient amount of water flowing in your body. If your body is hydrated the color of your urine should consistently lightly in color but if you are dehydrated it will change dramatically.


If you feel that you already hungry again after an hour of a meal then it only tells that there is something wrong with your consumption of water. Sometimes there are people who are always confused about hunger with thirst they actually think that they are hungry again even though it's only an hour since the last time they eat. This situation gives the wrong signal to your body, so, instead of eating again drink a glass of water to get rid of that hunger and correct the signal with thirst.

Dry mouth

Another sign of the insufficient amount of water in your body is dry mouth. Dehydration can lead to an insufficient amount of saliva that keeps the mouth hydrated. So, if you are experiencing dry mouth for already a quite while, then instead of using petroleum jelly, drink a lot of water. Drinking the sufficient amount of water can also prevent damages in oral cavity and throat.

Always remember that water is one of the strongest weapons against many diseases. Avoid drinking liquid without knowing the chemical content on it, instead drink water to make you more hydrated, energetic and healthy.

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